Ways to make children happy |  Mother

Ways to make children happy | Mother

Are you born carefree and happy? If you are, it’s probably because of a mix of your genes and personal preferences for your lifestyle. Positive psychology is based on the idea that people can make themselves happy by simply changing their way of thinking and behavior. Happiness is conceptualized as a habit rather than a god-given attribute. Although the happiness of some people is determined biologically, there are many things we can do to be happier.

It’s a good question to make your child feel satisfied and happy before going to sleep. By letting your child focus on the good things, not the bad things that happen during the day, he ultimately makes it a habit.

One of the questions that can be asked at dinner. Each member of the family can, in turn, say what they are grateful for that day. There is a strong relationship between happiness and gratitude; hence this question is very effective.

When your child comes to you with a problem, ask this question in a calm and curious tone of voice. Do not intervene immediately and solve the problem; How could this benefit in the long run? At least give him a chance to take care of himself and show your confidence by asking this question; Ultimately this question shows that you believe they can find solutions to their problems. “I don’t know.” If he says, offer to think together. Happy people are people who see themselves as people whose problems can be overcome and who can solve problems effectively.

An important part of happiness is being aware of one’s own emotions and being able to express them. When you put your feelings into words, you can make sense of them, process them, and gain support from others. When your child comes to you with something ‘bad’, ask it instead of dropping the question or finding a solution to it. In this way, you can ensure that your child is aware of his / her own emotions and uses this information effectively.

In any situation, you can plant seeds of empathy by asking your child about someone else’s feelings. Empathy will make your child a happy person; He will build strong personal relationships, feel better because he thinks of others, and get more meaning from life.

Whatever the situation, you can teach your child that positive things are happening too. It may be a stale question for adolescents and pre-teens; but small children will like it. You can also teach your child the phrase ‘make lemonade from lemon’ and ask them how to make lemonade in bad moments. “You fell and hurt; this is a lemon. But you got a colorful band-aid; This is lemonade! Now you say one to mom ”.

In any television show, book, travel; there is always something new to learn. Human beings are always curious to learn. When you hear someone say “Bonjour” on TV, you can view photos of France or open a French song on YouTube. When your child realizes that this problem means that you will take out the phone and show him something new, he will constantly ask you to do it.

According to researches, positive experience expectation brings more happiness than the experience itself. When your child is mature enough to realize that tomorrow is not today, start creating a small-scale positive expectation habit. All week long, excited for weekend food ice cream, the kid is a happy kid; Just as an adult who is excited about their vacation plans 6 months ahead is happy.

Taking your child with you when visiting a relative who is sick or undergoing surgery is a great gift to give them. Your child will be much more proud of his behavior if he or she can think of the nice things to do. Include your child in charity work; such activities are a form of altruism that is directly related to happiness.

Going out and doing physical activities with your child is a great way to get him out of the constant sitting habit. Exercise triggers the release of endorphins and is very effective in the treatment of depression. And the most powerful way to teach your child to exercise is to do it yourself. Children whose mothers exercise are more likely to imitate them. Since sunlight also improves the mood and regulates the daily rhythm, bringing along better sleep, happiness is inevitable.

When you direct your child’s attention to the experiences they enjoy the most, they will begin to realize that they have an option to spend their time on activities that make them happy. According to the research psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, ‘flow’ is when a person finds an activity incredibly fun and rewarding, completely losing their sense of self and time, feeling only in the moment. If your child is lucky enough to find an activity in which to feel the ‘flow’, it is important to point out and give your child enough time to stay in this state.

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