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Virgin mary herb | Sound of Life

There are many rituals you can practice after your labor has begun. Virgin Mary is one of them. In this article, I will tell you what rituals are performed after birth begins and why. And these rituals can be performed not only at birth, but also for those who are not expecting a baby.

When your labor begins, that is, when there are regular contractions, when the bloody aim comes and / or your water leaks, you can put the Virgin Mary herb in the water. And since this plant is so dry it will stretch and open when it enters the water. Just like you open up for your baby. This essentially makes your job easier for a visualization study. Some obstetricians direct expectant mothers to imagine the blooming of a rosebud at birth. And they ask him to bring this image to their eyes and let them open like a rose.

Virgin Mary’s herb can also facilitate this visualization. That’s why I put one in my bag, if there is one, on my way to birth as a doula.

In addition, when the birth begins, it is thrown into the water together with the Surah Virgin Mary and the prayers continue to be read during the birth. And prayers, mantras, repetitive lyrics and songs have a positive effect on birth as well. It can make the mother turn inside herself and gather strength. I often talk about it in my birth preparation workshops.

And according to recent studies, a high rate of estrogen was found in the Virgin Mary herb. After throwing the herb into the water and opening it a little, it can be drunk from sip of water at birth. However, experts advise not to exceed 1 tea glass.

According to a belief, it is recommended to remove the grass from the water after the birth. It is believed that this will allow the uterus to recover easily and reduce bleeding.

And while births were held at home before, all the knots in the house were gradually untied and the arches opened. Again, this would help the woman visualize her opening and dilation. Again, prayers were recited, the woman in the arms of the midwife mother met the pains of labor.

Again, songs, prayers, soft touches from a compassionate woman just like a mother, the sound of water, relaxing sounds, applications that will make it easier for you to return to yourself are all very useful.

The scent of lavender, real rose oil, all these are supplements that facilitate your work to unfold and relax.

However, it should not be forgotten that the most important factor is your mindset and a compassionate birth environment.

Remember, if a woman doesn’t look like a goddess at birth, she didn’t have enough support!

And if you are not expecting a baby, if your heart and soul need to open up, you can still put the Virgin Mary in water and watch it open slowly. You can even watch it silently and with all your focus and go into a meditative state and write down what you feel, what you do not feel, the feelings and sensations in your body.

If you are close to menstruation or the first days of your menstruation and if it is a little difficult and time to get into the heavy bleeding phase, you can still put the herb in the water and watch it, and drink a few sips of its water as it clears up.

Again, all methods used in birth are effective methods for the menstrual period. If you have the opportunity, create an environment where you can turn inside. Get support from your girlfriend, your mother. Let them hug you tenderly and massage you with light touches. Estrogen levels increase if there are women in an environment.

All you have to do is to be with your sisters and go inside yourself, slow down a little bit.

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