Tooth brushing, does it invalidate fasting?

Tooth brushing, does it invalidate fasting?

The main goal of fasting is to make people attain taqwa. In the Quran itself, “O believers! Fasting was prescribed for you, as it was prescribed to those before you, so that you avoid disobeying Allah… ”(Baqara, 2, / 183).

We asked Religious Affairs. Here are the things you wonder about fasting …

Just as rinsing the mouth with water without letting water into the throat does not break the fast, brushing teeth does not break the fast. However, if toothpaste, pieces of miswak or water get into the throat, the fast is broken. Considering the possibility of breaking the fast, it is appropriate to brush the teeth before imsak and after iftar (Fetâvây-ı Hindiyye, Beirut 1980, II, 270).

Removing the hair from the body by whatever means does not break the fast. Because fasting breaks down due to eating, drinking and sexual intercourse. Taking or removing hair does not break the fast because it is not included in these. It should also be stated here that the private part of a woman against a man is the whole body except hands, feet and face. The private place of women against women is between the kneecap and the navel. It is not permissible to show the regions outside of these places to other women or men without necessity and need. In this respect, it is not halal for a person who wants to have wax or laser epilation to open the private area to a foreign person, be it a man or a woman, and it is not halal for the person who performs this procedure to look at and touch this part (Merğinânî, al-Hidâya, IV, 83-87. ).

According to the information received from specialist ophthalmologists, the amount of medicine dropped into the eye is very small (50 microliters, 1/20 of 1 milliliter), some of it is thrown out with blinking of the eye, some of it in the eye, the ducts connecting the eye and the nasal cavity and the mucosa through the mesamat. It is absorbed and taken into the body. There is a possibility that a very small part of the drip, which is almost nonexistent, reaches the digestive tract. When this information is evaluated, eye drops do not break the fast (Kasani, Bedâiü’s-sanâî, II, 244; High Council of Religious Affairs 22. Decision dated 09. 2005).

First of all, it should be noted that alcoholic beverages and drugs are religiously forbidden. However, the person who commits this haram is a Muslim as long as he does not deny that it is haram. Therefore, he is obliged to fulfill prayers. However, it is not acceptable to worship when he is so drunk that he does not know what he is saying or doing. A person who is unable to perform these prayers due to being drunk must repent, ask for forgiveness from Allah, and then make up for this worship, both because he drinks alcohol and because he does not fulfill his duty on time. If a person who drinks alcohol is sober to know what he is saying at the time of imsak, he must fast and the fast he observes is valid (Ibn Abidin, Reddu’l-mukar, II, 81, 123).

It is forbidden for women to have sexual intercourse, pray, fast and circumambulate the Kaaba during their menstrual period until they are cleansed. Women do not perform the prayers that they did not perform in their special situations, but they do not perform their fasts when they are cleared (Shafii, al-Umm, I, 130-131; Sahn ,n, al-Mudavvene, I, 49; Merginânî, al-Hidâya, I / 30-32; Ibn Kudâme, al-Mughni, I, 198; Ibn Abidin, Reddu’l-muhtar, II / 371). Hz. The Prophet stated in many hadiths that women would not fast during menstruation (for example, see Bukhari, Hayiz 6; Savm 41; Muslim, Iman 132). Hz. Aisha, too, why does a woman who is menstruating, after cleansing, does not make up the prayers that she did not perform on her menstrual days, but also makes up for the fasts she did not perform? ‘asked the lady named Muâze: “Are you from Harûriyye (from the Hârici)?” said; of this woman: “No, I am not Harûriyye, but I am asking (to learn).” Upon his answer, Hz. Aisha: “When it happened to us in the past, we were ordered to fast, we were not ordered due to the accident of prayer.” (Muslim, Hayiz, 76-69).

Fast; It is spoiled by eating, drinking, sexual intercourse and things that fall within their scope. For this reason, vaccines that do not have nutritional value do not break the fast. Our religion permits patients who are under treatment not to fast. Therefore, patients whose treatment continues can postpone their fasting until they regain their health and end their treatment. However, he wishes to continue his fast with everyone during Ramadan and if there is no other obstacle to fasting, it would be appropriate to have their injections after iftar. Those who do not have this opportunity can have injections for treatment and vaccination purposes. However, to have food and vitamin injections while fasting, and those who are given serum and blood intravenously, the fast is invalidated. Later, this fast is made up.

Mufti Fahrettin Kaya, from the Istanbul Mufti, answered our questions about the situations that invalidate the fast.

Using cologne within normal limits does not break the fast. Drawing cologne due to addiction is abnormal use, as some bali and thinners do. In this case, the fast is broken.

Weeping does not break the fast.

Fasting is not broken by waxing. However, it is not right to wax without respecting the privacy limits.

Generally; Although there is a decision of the High Board of Religious Affairs stating that it is not right to have botox unless there is an indispensable condition, there is no concrete data showing that having botox breaks the fast. Because having botox does not mean eating and drinking.

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