To be the henna of the henna night |  Life

To be the henna of the henna night | Life

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

I cannot tell you what to believe.

But I can say with peace of mind that you have a debt to life.

How is it that we take 10 or 20 years of repayment (maybe longer) home loans from banks and risk living in debt for so long, thanks to that we do not feel indebted to the vital force within us that we breathe in this world?

Maybe you know I live in Australia. Until the 1970s, local babies and children were forcibly taken from their families and given to white families with the state policy implemented for about 60 years. This generation is called the stolen generation. It is a painful and painful period. Think about it, without asking you, somebody comes and takes your little children from you and you cannot see them again. Maltreatment of children given to boarding schools or white families is a separate injury. My heart is not based on reading what happened or listening to the memories of those who were exposed to it.

Likewise, Anatolian lands are full of thousands of stories that are not less of their grief.

In some regions of Anatolia, the bride is made to cry at the henna night. Although the reasons are various, it is said in one that the girl who goes from the father’s house is upset. The bride is then made cry by henna so that she can continue her marriage laughing. Henna is a dedication. Vows are made before the wedding, the bride is cried because it is believed that it will bring happiness afterwards.

As humanity, we need a henna night. We need a henna night for all our personal and world mourning that we are unaware of, that we are aware of and turn our heads away, we ignore and we normalize to avoid.

O beautiful people, what is your dedication?

To always want from life, to always buy, to always wish, to borrow from banks if it was not enough, to accept the world order we live in as normal, instead to avoid death, which is the most normal cycle of life. That was not enough, because we turned our heads on them, and attributing their internal troubles to other causes.

He is bored for sure.

What will you dear about your dedication?

Don’t take the dedication to add another item to your wishlist. With your personal efforts against the mourning of the world, maybe it’s about knowing that if you’re lucky, you can only do a tiny thing, but still expand your capacity to stay with it.

Adak is an action whose genius depends on you.

Because you are the vow. Vow is your devotional being. Against life. Knowing that you are indebted to your breathing, and just because of this, is a vow to see all the pains of the world and to come and be with them in their days, no matter how painful it hurts.

Older ones always ask me; It’s been a year, I’m still very sorry, six months have passed, my heart still hurts. Let it hurt. This is her job, she’s a bride who wants to cry before she leaves. He’s waiting for you to henna him. So the henna is still not fully burned, it still hasn’t flushed those hands.

Vow, you are. You pay this dedication with your presence, with your heart, with your time.

From your smallest age to the oldest mourning and the mourning of the world, that bride and her sad folk songs will not go anywhere unless you decorate her like a bride and put her in front of you, burn her henna on your hands, and dedicate yourself to her.

It continues to resonate within you without realizing it, to the high hills.

As it is today and will be tomorrow …

They built houses on high hills without asking us, and it is up to us to cry, to keep our sadness, gratitude and joy together in our tears.

Henna night with ourselves is the key to sincere smiles that will filter from our hearts in our days to come.

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