To be more supportive of those around you …

To be more supportive of those around you …

Being more motivating and supportive to those around us, our friends, partners and family will increase both their and our energy. What you have to do to be such a person is actually quite simple:

Everyone has their strengths, and it doesn’t help anyone compare your “weaknesses” with their strengths. It should not upset you that your loved ones are more successful than you in any field, but on the contrary, you should be happy about it.

You may be consulting your friends or loved ones in every difficult situation, but also tell some good things. Just because your friend is a good listener doesn’t mean they don’t have their own feelings, ideas, or similarly overwhelmed. It’s also always nice to hear positive things.

Do not shift his problems to your difficulties. Sometimes it’s better for him to just listen and show that you understand. It may not be good to hear a similar distress upon your boredom.

Maybe he isn’t looking for his problem, he just wants acknowledgment … Have you ever thought about that? If you’re not sure how to respond, ask your friend if they want your advice or just want to listen. Emotional support can be as valuable as or more than an active solution.

If you know the source of that person’s problem, first ask if they want to talk about it. Sometimes it is enough just to laugh to distract him from what hurts him.

Whether it’s about a change in your life or even a beginning, it will negatively affect that you always have a judgmental start. Do not make sarcastic jokes or belittle.

Remember or write down a special day for him you hear. Your celebration will surely make him happy. Wishing him good luck on his first day at work or celebrating his birthday is a very simple but thoughtful way to show that you care.

Some people may not be good at asking for help when they need it. So try to understand as best you can and offer help. Maybe they are used to being “mothers” friends or constantly putting everyone first. Remember, no matter what, a nice gesture makes you feel like you’re always there.

You may have used the wrong word when trying to explain yourself. You may even have done this by accident or out of good intentions. This may seem like an excuse for the other party, so it’s best to admit your mistake and move on.

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