Tips to sleep easier in hot weather

Tips to sleep easier in hot weather

Sleeping on humid summer days can become more difficult than ever. Although we all have our own methods, there are some things you should and should not do before going to sleep in hot weather. Here are the methods that should be applied on the way to a more comfortable sleep:

Keeping sunlight out of your bedroom will help keep your sleeping area cool, even on extremely hot days. Pull the curtains or store curtains in the morning and don’t open them until you go to bed. Many people find that blackout curtains designed to block outside light are particularly effective at keeping bedrooms cool in the summer and insulating against the cold when temperatures drop.

Moderate exercise during the day can be very beneficial for sleep, as it expends energy and helps you feel more tired in the evening. However, exercising close to bedtime can cause your body temperature to rise. This can make it difficult for you to fall asleep at the time you want.

While standing in a hot tub on a hot night may not sound fun, it actually helps you cool off before bed. might help. Hot baths can be quite beneficial before, but not just before, bedtime. After you get out of the bath, your body temperature drops as your body adapts to a cooler environment. As an added bonus, baths help you fall asleep faster.

Mattresses made of thick foam tend to absorb and trap body heat. This causes you to overheat. Other mattresses can help you sleep cooler compared to others, thanks to components such as ventilated latex and open coil systems that circulate the air inside. Cooling pads can have the same effect. Some pillows can be heat-retaining, but other pillow types, such as latex, ventilated foam, and wool, provide above-average temperature control.

Sheets and pillowcases made from natural fibers such as cotton or linen offer better “breathability” than those made from polyester and other synthetic fabrics. Some people find that bedding made from plant-based fabrics, such as bamboo rayon, also provides adequate cooling.

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