Tips for bleaching clothes without chlorine

Tips for bleaching clothes without chlorine

White clothes are common to everyone. To bleach the laundry bleach the first thing that comes to mind method Even though, we may not always prefer the chlorine in bleach as an active substance. Clawsis a substance used as a disinfectant. But sometimes for various reasons, it can only be laundry bleaching methods we call Here are 4 natural ways you can use to bleach clothes without using chlorine.

Oxygenated water to bleach the laundry

Hydrogen peroxide, known as oxygenated water, is one of the materials you can use to whiten the yellowing whites. The first trick to using oxygenated water is not to pour it directly on the dry laundry. Also, when using in the washing machine it can be difficult to ensure that it mixes evenly with the water and is free of smudges. For this reason, you can add 2 tablespoons of oxygenated water to at least 2 liters of water in a bowl and soak your laundry in this water. Oxygen-based bleaches are less harmful to the environment than chlorine. They also remove stains on white clothes more gently than chlorine. Oxygenated water is also a great solution for problems such as yellowing white shirt collars and stains on white clothes. Yellowed whites may turn white again when they soak in oxygenated water for enough time.

Baking soda for white clothes

Using baking soda in your laundry to increase the strength of your laundry detergent is an old-fashioned way. Some prefer to do this by adding baking soda with powder detergent into the washing machine’s detergent compartment. It is also preferable to pour half a glass of baking soda into the drum before putting the laundry in the machine. It is said that baking soda added directly to the washing machine gives more effective results.

White like snow with white vinegar

White vinegar, which is the favorite of recent years in household and food cleaning, is also an ideal material to give shine to white clothes. To bleach white clothes, prepare a mixture of one part distilled vinegar and six parts warm water. Pour the solution into a basin, bucket, tub, or washing machine drum and leave the laundry there. Soak clothes in this water overnight. Then wash as usual by adjusting the temperature suitable for the fabric. This wash will be enough to remove the vinegar odor.

The power of lemon juice is also effective on whites

Lemon juice, one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to natural cleansers, is a solution that is also used to bleach the clothes and to protect the whiteness of white clothes. Lemon juice is naturally acidic like vinegar and provides a natural whitening effect similar to vinegar. When washing white clothes, add a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice into your washing machine to help keep them shiny. For heavily soiled white cotton socks and similar clothing, here is a key point: Put the sliced ‚Äč‚Äčlemon slices in boiling water in a large saucepan. Cover the bottom of the pan. Put the socks in this pot and let sit for 1 night. Wash normally in the washing machine the next day.


It should be reminded that washing and ironing the laundry at high temperatures is effective on germs. Even if it is possible to bleach your clothes using natural methods, more may be needed to maintain hygiene. It is important to wash and iron the clothes at the proper temperature. However, high temperature does not give good results when washing white clothes, especially for stains. In order to prevent the stain from settling well, it is recommended to use appropriate cleaners and stain removal methods instead of too high temperatures.

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