Those with two children live longer!  |  Mother

Those with two children live longer! | Mother

Having a child is very special and happy for parents. According to a study, we understand that children bring out the best in their parents, including a longer life. But do you know that the parents of two children have a huge impact on their lives?

Researchers found that having children is associated with parental longevity. The survey was conducted among women, men, and children born between 1911 and 1925. They concluded that older parents had lower levels of stress, thus leading to a longer life.

Studies have found that mothers with not just one but two biological children live longer than women who don’t have children or just one son or daughter.

Having two children is equally important for men as it is for women. The same study analyzed and correlated the number of children and the lifespan of a man. The results showed that men with two children lived much longer, compared with fathers who had no children or had one, five, or more. How has my life changed after the second child? Click to read the article…

AdoptionThe benefits are astonishing. The life expectancy of women who adopted two children was even longer than that of biological mothers. And what’s even more interesting is that; When comparing the number of adopted children and longevity, parents with two children turned out to be longer than those with only one child and four adopters.

Another interesting result is that adoption adds three years to the mother’s life. Adopting two or three children added an extra five years to parents’ lives. This situation can also be explained by the support that children give to their parents in later ages. Click to read the article deciding on the second child…


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