Things to do during the discussion |  Relationship

Things to do during the discussion | Relationship

This is a very useful way during discussion. Instead of reacting immediately when your partner says something you don’t like or disagree with, count to 10. You will find that you calm down and behave more rationally. This will reduce the possibility of you hitting each other.

If your weighing with your partner is getting hotter and starting to get closer to its top point, it is very important at this point that you both stop the discussion using a secret signal that you have previously agreed upon. This signal can be a small gesture or a funny word. This signal sends a message to your partner that you are about to come to the brink of your patience.

Actually, you don’t really want to win the discussion, right? You don’t always have to be right. There is no such thing as being right or wrong in your argument with a loved one. Still, if you find yourself strongly justified during the debate, remember this; The subject you are right will not be that important after the discussion has passed … Try it, you will understand the difference.

When you try to establish a common life with another person, it’s normal to disagree. But there are some problems that aren’t even worth discussing, and in the long run they just cause stress and anger. Think carefully about what problems you want to use your time to solve.

When there is a misunderstanding or disagreement between you and your partner, the last thing you want to do is touch them. But touching your partner at such moments will remind you again that you love him and want to be with him. Don’t be afraid to ask for a hug during an argument. It will also help you avoid having a bigger discussion.

Many people think that what their partner did or said was a negative connotation to their past. He doesn’t wash the dishes because he never helped you in the kitchen before, he forgot a special day because he actually doesn’t care that much about your relationship. At this point, do this “impossible” thing: try to understand your partner’s feelings and try to reverse the things that went negative. This interaction will affect your relationship positively.

Experts argue that you don’t necessarily need to reach an agreement at the end of a big fight. Give yourself time, get enough rest, and wake up as soon as you can the next day. Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen to your relationship at night while you sleep.

You can make a joke to slightly lower the rising blood pressure during the argument. But don’t be ironic or cruel in joking, an innocent gesture or a funny saying will help.

Arguing requires two people and two positions. As you breathe deeply for 10 seconds, think about what pisses you off and what is bothering you at that moment. Don’t be afraid to take responsibility.

The environment you are in has an impact on you and your partner. A negative environment can suddenly turn a small discussion into a big one. If you are hungry or if you are in a loud and crowded environment that prevents you from speaking, the tension in the discussion will definitely increase. Think of something that will delight both of you during these moments, such as a nice drink. That way, both of you will realize that the moment is not suitable for discussion, but for relaxation and a drink.

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