Things to consider in online job interview

Things to consider in online job interview

One of the innovations that the Covid-19 pandemic brought to our lives was the rapid transition from home to work. With online work, a new concept has joined the business life: Online job interviews.

Paying attention to some details for online business interviews using Skype, Zoom or any other video conferencing platform increases your chances of success. Here are the advice you need to be successful in online interviews.

Note that some standard rules still apply

Clothing is important in a job interview! While we are used to drafting reports in comfortable clothes and going to meetings when we switch from home to work, it is best to arrange all your clothing for job interviews as if going face-to-face. For an online job interview, taking care of your clothes is a detail that shows that you are ready for the job, even if you are in a home environment. Remember some TV hosts; Many of them also take care of the parts of their clothes that are not visible on the screen and talk about it getting them in the mood. Dressing well from head to toe also prepares you for any situation where you have to stand up. Details such as pants and shoes can make you feel like an office environment, try it. Going into an exaggerated elegance can give the feeling that it is not your natural state. You just need to dress as you would in the office of the company. Avoid striped and mixed print clothes.

Secure your internet connection

If you are going to make a call via Zoom or a similar video conferencing application, it is important to prepare your phone in advance and purchase additional internet package if necessary so that you can continue with your phone in case of Wi-Fi outage. Make a list for details such as adjusting notifications and sound, turning off your other phone that can ring, headset, silent environment. This allows you to earn plus points by showing that you are well prepared in case of a setback. If necessary, you can try to borrow your neighbor’s Wi-Fi password for a while. If you experience problems with your internet connection, stay calm and don’t be spoken out loud. It’s a good idea to take into account that once technical glitches are resolved, your voice can go to the other side at once.

Prepare everyone in the house

Tell everyone you share the house about the requirements for your job interview. Take care of your pet’s needs, and especially if you have a dog, let him get rid of his energy by playing with him before the interview. If you don’t have anyone to take care of your children while you are interviewing online, make sure you prepare all the needs. Dealing with all these issues will allow you to mentally adapt to the job interview and make you feel comfortable. Your kids and other family members may be used to being in online meetings. Tell them that the meeting is different this time, in an age-appropriate way. If things do not go as planned, it can be honest to tell the prospective employer that you have taken all measures but there are reasons beyond measure. Of course, in a way that shows that these situations will not reduce your productivity after you are hired.

Set a smooth background

Although it is quite natural to see the home environment during the job interview, it should not be missed the measure of this naturalness. Do not be comfortable with this and set up a plain, distraction-free background that shows that you are not distracted while working. Find a solid color wall that doesn’t match the color of your outfit. Having a separate work corner where you focus on the job without being disturbed is important both for your efficient work and for the opinions of recruiters in the digitalized business world. Keep out of the online interview for all the details that would make a frivolous air. It is best to use a plain fund. How the light will appear in the room at the time of your meeting is among the details you should take into account.

Take your notes

No matter how ready you feel, it is possible to hesitate in the face of some interview questions due to excitement. Have your CV on your desk. If necessary, stick small post-it on the computer screen, but be careful not to show them. You can skim through these notes until the online interview begins. Keep an eye on the camera after the interview begins. Looking at the notes can make you think that you do not know the subject or even the information about yourself. If you want to display a confident image, your eyes should not be shifted to the notes. You can write all the details such as the name of the person you will be interviewing, phone number, ID required for Skype or Zoom connection on a piece of paper and keep it with you.

Sit up straight and show your confidence

After making all the preparations, it’s time to answer the questions you asked in the online job interview! After adjusting your environment and clothing, go to the screen in your most professional way and slowly start to calm down by bringing your attention to your breath. When the meeting time comes, straighten your position and make sure that you sit without holding your breath so that your nervous system can support you. It is much easier to use body language in face-to-face interviews. From the moment you enter the room, the way you walk, greet, sit, and the tone of voice you use during the interview, gestures and facial expressions allow you to create an effect as a whole. In the online job interview, you will only be present in front of the screen and with your voice. In a way, this is good because you are not fully reflecting your excitement. Do not use too much hand-arm movements, but try to express yourself with your tone of voice and smile.

Don’t forget eye contact

No matter how professional and experienced you are, it is normal to get excited about something you experience for the first time. Don’t feel pressured about it, and remind yourself that online job interviewing is something new experienced by hundreds of thousands of people seeking or changing jobs. Try not to lose eye contact during the conversation. Remember that you have to look into the computer camera during the online job interview. During the conversation, you can look at the screen with the instinct of looking at the image of the other person, but it would be better to look at the camera. Thus, you will maintain eye contact with the person with whom you are interviewing. It is also a good idea to rehearse with the help of a friend before the job interview. Achievements!

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