The world is about to explode |  Sound of Life

The world is about to explode | Sound of Life

Humanity is heading towards another evolution, people are getting more and more unhappy, fear of the future, injustice, injustice, the world is about to explode. Everyone from the leaders to the bottom has been in contradiction with themselves in the world, there is a great chaos in human psychology.

We run out of water, the epidemic is on top of us, even powerful democracies are under threat, life is expensive, going out on the streets is forbidden, we are trying to understand the world, the human being, locked at home with insane hope, we continue to read and write. We are in a strange time.

Being logical in an illogical world is one of the biggest challenges. There is nothing existing in the vacuum. Reactions that seem irrational are precisely these things. But unreasonable doesn’t mean they don’t have a cause. It is irrational but understandable, and more importantly, it is changeable.

The world that does not absorb us is getting on us. Man makes military expenditures to protect himself from people. The result of this illogical boast of the weapons it produces. Even making the world uninhabitable for their own power and power ambitions is regarded as normal, as if war is the destiny of humanity.

Societies that lose their concepts dream of happiness with the concepts of others. Neither can they know the heart of a bird or the abundance of crumbs.

They asked the camel, “Why is your neck crooked?”, “Where am I right?” Everything is wrong, from the political organization to the union organization in our country, it is a system where those sitting on the seat in every field do not know how to get up. From the majority of the country being workers, peasants, tradesmen and farmers and not being represented in the parliament, to the trade unionist who rides in the latest model luxury car with the cut off money of the worker.

A society that does not question slavery is an ignorant society that assumes freedom, hunger, satiety and absence as existence. Do we need information? But what kind of information do we need? Are very knowledgeable people the right people? First of all, we need to value honesty and value for human beings.

We have steering control, we can drive wherever you want to go. If knowledgeable people remain silent, fools multiply. The only way to overcome ignorance is to accept and act. We can destroy ourselves by our ignorance. However, a mental revolution can occur. The majority confuses ignorance with civilization. Civilization is the respect of a person to all people, the rights and laws of a person in all his people, mutual love, respect, wishes of well-being, not selfish thoughts.

Political religionists in existence and comfort always emphasize the happiness of the afterlife. In this world, they talk about poverty as destiny and not complaining. It is difficult to understand why they do not want two world happiness for the poor. Almighty Allah commands in his holy books the wealthy to look after the poor. Religious men and wealthy people, on the other hand, turn the same thing as if it was not asked of them and ask Allah Almighty. They sit on golden seats and turn whatever God wants of them to be done for the poor, and they ask God to do the same.

At least half of the population suffers from complete cerebral palsy. It does not understand, perceive, be questioned, does not see or hear, does not react to anything.

We are parts of a whole, a single force holds everything together and in order. If that force wants, it can destroy everything.

Satan has already completed his mission and retired. People with talent to teach him are now running the world.

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