The magnificent freedom of solitude … |  Sound of Life

The magnificent freedom of solitude … | Sound of Life

The loneliness of developed people is not destructive; on the contrary, it can turn into a useful and productive experience. But if this capacity is not developed, loneliness can turn into a devastating situation. Loneliness, sometimes need, sometimes choice, sometimes necessity, is a way out that can comfort people, provided that they do not go to extremes.

When Güzin is tired of being a big sister or a father of sorrow, when she is tired of being a big sister or a father of sorrow, when she cannot find anyone listening to what is being told and talking, When you learn to be happy alone, it becomes the choice of loneliness.

A lonely person is with himself. It is when you face yourself, your wrongs and your right. To be alone one must be brave and fearless.

Being alone is sometimes good for accounting people. As a person gains awareness, idle talk no longer gives him pleasure, he wants the people with whom he talks to be at his own level of consciousness. Its purpose is to take something from the information reservoir and to give it to the other person and to receive it. When he gets disappointed and sees how self-interested people are, he chooses loneliness. Concrete loneliness is by necessity, abstract loneliness is the real choice of man, because he has reached the maturity of not expecting anything from anyone.

Loneliness is coming to life, being a friend to himself, loving and counting himself as he is. When it comes to oneself, people come to others who are simplified with themselves. People with a few faces, like the chameleon around him, cannot get along, they go away by themselves. With those who love and regard you as you are, you will be transported to a peaceful world without gossip and jealousy.

If lonely people choose solitude, there is a reason here. This is usually because he has been hit more than people, or because he has a good heart that is too honest, clean, not hypocritical, that does not know what to do with some people. If loneliness is withdrawn and very intellectual, it is a state of illness. If loneliness is a source of peace, happiness and joy in a person, no one can destroy that person, it has become a lifestyle, even if he is constantly in the society, the main spectacular meetings, weddings, associations, etc. Even if he shows up in such environments, he is actually always alone. Because he knows that people are hypocritical, but he continues without disrupting the situation, letting it flow, but he has learned who has how much.

People never accept things that are different to them, and put on the wrong or bad stamp. However, what is different is special and beautiful, proud, unyielding, not dictated, irreversible, determined, determined, cannot be dominated by his preferences, he knows that he is intelligent, but he does not praise others, he is generally stubborn, cannot adapt to injustice and incompatibility, and prefers to be alone.

It’s really hard to deal with people. It is nice to be alone with oneself from time to time, which is the magnificent freedom of solitude. Solitude is a way out that can be a relief, provided that you do not go too far. It is the therapy that needs to be done from time to time, it brings one to himself. Being alone with yourself is the purification of the soul.

We sometimes do not understand that a person has to spare time for himself, that he needs to be absorbed and rested in order to collect energy and be efficient. It is in every human being’s source of happiness. Knowing this, he must know how to be happy, avoiding wannabe, listening to his feelings.

Being alone is a matter of preference, the friendship of those whose interests are over is also over, which is a reason for loneliness. Being lonely in the multitude, those who find you whenever you need them, those who get lost when you need them. We are aware, being aware of everything is a real burden, so our escape from humans. The best is loneliness. Whatever touches your soul is what makes you happy. Day after day you become happy, day after day you become unhappy, human psychology always changes. What matters is your self-worth and love.

If there are no people you need or do not see in life, life becomes more livable, as long as you do not take your negative thoughts with you as you go, if you do, then you will be alone.

Loneliness is a charismatic stance. Those who have a stake will find you anyway. There are those who perceive being alone as asocial, but most people are lonely because they avoid being fake. Venus was alone, with whom even angels fell in love with her unique beauty. The peak is loneliness.

To embrace it with words, to put it into practice with life. Everything passes, the important thing is who is with you in difficult moments. It is the loyalty that a person expects from his environment when he falls. When he doesn’t see it, it means you are both alone and in the wrong place. It is necessary to accept what is as it is, what is seen as it is seen, the moment as it should be lived, to live and to lean on life.

If loneliness is a choice, I hate to those who can live alone, and in such an era, I also applaud those who claim their good values ​​and remain true to their essence.

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