The book “Healing the Spirit” is published |  Life

The book “Healing the Spirit” is published | Life

Associate Professor. Ayten Zara presents us with her new book “Healing the Spirit”, in which she tells about her knowledge and experience in the field of clinical psychology, along with the memories she has collected by traveling all over the world.

Ayten Zara, who gives lectures on “Society and Clinical Psychology” as a lecturer in the Psychology Department of Istanbul Bilgi University, has made a name for herself with many aid projects. He is also the founder and director of the World Human Relief non-governmental organization.

The author, who is a peace and human rights advocate, conducts civil society campaigns, gives speeches and gives trainings to better understand and support traumatized people, whom we call difficult to reach abroad and at home, in order to promote social peace and rights-based approaches.

Ayten Zara, in her book Healing the Spirit, deals with many psychological topics such as anger, aggression, trauma and grief, in particular issues such as violence against women and child abuse that are constantly on the agenda of our country. Offering a different reading experience by supporting these subjects with what he experienced and witnessed, the author wholeheartedly wants to raise his readers’ awareness, to give them hope, perhaps to really heal the soul.

You can watch our conversation below, which includes questions about the World Human Relief Association, whose aims include reducing pain, relieving and supporting people:

We become whatever the wounds inside of us look like.

The only way out to happiness is to pass through these wounds …

A. Zara

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