The ‘black mushroom’ epidemic that scares in India

The ‘black mushroom’ epidemic that scares in India

Mortality from mucormycosis, a normally rare infection, has reached 50 percent in India. Some cases can only be saved by removing their eyes or jawbones. India’s health authorities stated that the government should declare it as an epidemic due to the increasing cases of ‘black fungus’.

India has seen cases of black fungus affecting recovered or recovering cases of COVID-19 in recent months. Doctors suspect that there may be a link between steroids used to treat COVID and this infection. They state that the infection occurs within 12-15 days after having COVID, and they underline that especially diabetes patients are at risk.

Lav Agarna, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India, called on the country’s 29 states to declare an epidemic. If the disease is declared an epidemic, what is happening in each state will be monitored more closely and a better integrity will be provided for treatment.

As the country is currently battling the second wave of COVID-19, it is unknown exactly how many cases of black fungus are.

Mucormycosis is a very rare type of infection. It occurs when exposed to mucor mold found in soil, plants, fertilizers and rotted fruit and vegetables. Indian eye surgeon Dr. “This infection can happen in more than one place at once. It is found in the soil and in the air, and can even be found in the nasal and mucous layers of healthy people,” says Akshay Nair. says.

Infection that affects the sinuses, brain and lungs can be life-threatening in severe cases of diabetes or immunodeficiency, such as cancer or HIV / AIDS patients.

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