The Apprentice of Man |  Life

The Apprentice of Man | Life

Last week’s post “I saw God in kindling” It was written in November 2016, and the next day, the following lines were spilled as a complement. I wanted to carry it to this day with small touches.


Perhaps the most important sentence in the article that I wrote excitedly and quickly yesterday was: “What will burn, what will burn, is hidden in what will burn. “A little poetic, a little LentAruobasal, a little variation from here.

Now I’m looking to see if I can walk.

As you read or not read, what I mentioned there kindling was. It is a separate substance that comes out of the wood and is actually a part of it. Its specific weight is different, its appearance is different, its smell is different, its function is different. It happens even if it is not (which does not appear in every log); We are not able to light a fire in your absence. But we use newsprint, but it kindles the fine brushwood, but we use some chemical burners, we kind of light that fire. It will be more difficult, it will be later, it will be more difficult, but it burns. Kindling, while lighting the fire shortly, making a fire without a kindling is like holding the ear from the opposite side. Which sometimes does not burn. It is not always so easy to burn what will be burned. It becomes more difficult when there is no kindling.

Kindling and wood… Kindling and wood… Kindling and wood…

That burns and burns … That burns and burns … That burns and burns …

Heart and human… Heart and human… Heart and human…


Why does man come to this world?

To burn …


To flash …

Heating, heating, transforming and transforming …

Fire transforms; it takes one thing and does another.

First it transforms itself, then it transforms.

Fire is transformation itself.

Burning human transforms, transforms while transforming.

Does not turn into non-burning.

Income and must be* goes before it can happen.

* The so-called “supposed to be” in English …

So what burns a person?

What is the kindling of man?

Is his heart …

It is within itself, the center, that will burn a person.

The center of man is the heart.

The heart knows

Surrendering to the heart, it ignites easily and starts to burn

If it is burning, it transforms and something else happens.

Burning finds peace when it burns

Otherwise it’s always a problem, always a search

An endless search …

He who does not use his heart can burn again, but he will burn another.

Even though it reflects, it burns harder

Burns with a lot of smoking

It burns through the painful way, not the shortcut and the enthusiastic way

Oh, his name…

Some burn uncontrollably

Spreading burns

Devastating burns

Burns with damage

Here are the extra twigs used in the absence of the apprentice

Most of them do not burn either


Because he does not use his heart …


The kindling of man is his heart

God is in an erection

The human heart is a god


Kindergarten does not come out of every stump, but the heart is in every person. Some can activate its potential to ignite the fire, some need support. Some of them know the support they need, they go, join the fire; some stay away. This is also his choice. Nobody has to get burned.

Kindling is a part of the wood, but so separate … So is the heart. The heart is where the soul touches the body. It is a part of the body, but it is also independent … It always wants to fly somewhere, to run, to get enthusiastic. It has the potential to drag the entire body; converts what comes out of it, if allowed.

That is where consciousness comes into play. Will it burn, rush and transform? Will it come and go dry? This is a decision. The most important decision of our lives – but we have the chance to make over and over again at every moment.


Burning often takes courage.

But burning does not regret it.

And the burning wants to burn; wants to grow and spread.

Because it’s good to burn together …


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