The 5-hour rule that makes even ordinary people successful

The 5-hour rule that makes even ordinary people successful

You observe that you are working a little harder every day but you are not making any progress? Do you feel stuck at your current level? You see, everyone is getting promoted, going up, and so on. But there is no progress in you.

If this reminds you of someone, it may be time to apply the 5-hour rule. With this method, which has been applied by many successful people around the world, you can get a little closer to success. Take a look at the rules and make a decision, are you determined to take your life further.

The 5 hour rule means dedicating your 5 hours a week, or 1 hour of each working day, to conscious and deliberate learning. You can give your full attention to learning without getting confused by other things. This can be different ways to learn.

Reading is actually a habit that shines like a moon after most successful people. Make sure you have a book in your bag, set yourself reading goals. For example, you can aim to read a chapter or a certain number of pages in a day. Thanks to the technology, you can even put books on tablets and phones and read them wherever you want.

Reflection is an important stage in learning. If you do not learn and reflect too much information, this information will make you feel tired. Set the time when you will confirm what you have learned or you will be distracted. Keep a journal, for example, so you can keep your information fresh by summarizing what you have learned by reading.

Experimentation is an important way to move forward in life. It is extremely important to test new theories and ideas, no matter how crazy they are. The greatest inventions, all useful tools, that we use now in the world, came about by testing crazy ideas. Innovation doesn’t come from repeating the same thing over and over. Even the failure of the things you try can give you valuable information.

It’s easy to confuse work and learning so you feel stuck between the two. You may think working 40 hours a week is enough for you to move forward, but that is not the case at all. When you focus on daily problems, you do not take any private time for yourself and focus on your development. The 5 hour rule is especially true for deliberate learning. Set specific goals for yourself and take special times to achieve them. If you take it this way, you will see progress in time with your own eyes.

You may think that the more you produce, the more successful you are. Productivity plays an important role in success but is not related to the lifelong learning principle. If you constantly focus on what you are doing now, you will never see huge progress. You can only see this if you focus on learning. It is not always easy for you to follow the 5-hour rule, because your earnings will not come immediately, but you will thank yourself very much later.

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