The 4 most common mistakes when simplifying

The 4 most common mistakes when simplifying

How many times do you think you’ve come across the word minimalism in the last 1-2 years? I think over and over again. Although the issue of increasing the enjoyment of life by reducing the number of our belongings has already become popular in the last few years, it has been on our agenda for the last 1.5 years, when we started to spend more time at homes. Something beautiful being known is great, but a rapid popularity brought along some misconceptions and suggestions for simplification. Today, let’s talk about 4 of them that I come across most frequently and I want to break down the prejudices in your mind, if any.

1. Starting without knowing what you want

A spacious houseā€¦ When we think of minimalism, the first thing that comes to mind is this feeling of spaciousness. This is good for a start but may not be enough to motivate you. Moreover, the benefits of minimalism go beyond that. A fresh look is almost a side benefit. We need to question and even internalize what we do and why. Otherwise, many of us are already extracting things during the summer / winter time of download and remove. Especially when entering spring, most of us take a hand at home, but minimalism should go beyond a spring cleaning. So decide what exactly you expect from a simpler life. In the last week’s article, I explained why it was necessary to simplify. If you haven’t read that article, be sure to read it and focus on what a minimalist (or more minimalist than before) life means to you. I can say that my most important reason is that it makes my life easier and saves me time. Keep in mind that our focus is not just on reducing items in number, but there are elements that complement this, such as conscious shopping. So take some time today for yourself. Even if it’s just 5 minutes. After finding your goal of simplification, think about your last purchases. Which of the last purchased did you actually use, which went into the closet and was never used again? Where else could this money be transferred? Be honest with yourself. This is a total reckoning within you.

2.Trying to finish all the simplification work at once

Wouldn’t it be nice if a magic wand came and touched our belongings first, eliminated the unnecessary, and then packed our homes? But just as there is no magic wand to reach the ideal weight or to learn a foreign language, it takes effort to reach them, and the same for a plain house. Of course, I don’t want to scare you by saying that, but I want to warn you in advance so that you don’t try to overhaul the whole house at the end of a week. If one day we woke up and did not find our homes in this state, we should not try to make them the most ideal in such a short time. Because then you will either be bored with too many things and leave it in the middle, or after a while, your goal will be to collect the mess you have messed up in the meantime and you will make quick and even wrong decisions. It is not always necessary to ask many questions to make the decision to eliminate or keep each item, for example, you can easily say ‘let it stay’ or ‘let it go’ for a kitchen appliance that is in your kitchen drawer and you have not used it even once since you got married. But there are some items that force you. In these cases, he should give those items that time and ask some questions; for example ‘How long have I been here, why did I buy it, would I have not bought it, what would I do if it got lost?’ as…

3. “If I’m going to be minimalist, we should all be”

This is a state of readiness. It’s nice that you feel ready and eager to start, but not everyone may be ready at the same time. That’s why other individuals in the house; Do not expect your housemates, spouse, family, parents to be at the same pace, at the same time as you, and if they are not, do not force them. This is your journey. Even if you share the same house, there are so many things that are completely yours until it comes to common items. Please don’t force anyone to do anything. There is a saying like ‘teaching as an example’; here you are, be a living example of benefiting from minimalism. What if they want to take advantage of it?

4.Mixing minimalism as a style with minimalism as a sense of life.

Finally, let’s talk about the mistake that made you shop somewhere else, namely to be minimalist. Before being a lifestyle, minimalism is an architectural trend. It shows itself in fashion, decoration and art. To give an example from myself, I love jewelry with minimalist designs. However, this does not mean that we have to compromise our own style in order to simplify life. It is necessary to distinguish between lifestyle and aesthetic minimalism. You can choose to adopt a more minimalist style while simplifying it, but don’t feel obliged. If we are satisfied with the items we have, if they serve us, there is no need to change them just to make the visuals more minimalist. There is something I always say, if they are telling you, take care of your colors and patterns. I am writing this article in my purple cardigan. The purpose of minimalism is not to mold you, but to liberate you to reveal the truth.

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