Taste of festive candy – Respect comes from love

Taste of festive candy – Respect comes from love

Dear Bro,

I hope you had a wonderful holiday full of brotherhood, being loved and respected. When I wish these for you, I mean that you have experienced these feelings in their true meaning. Knowing that everything is created from LOVE, my SELF yearns to be able to grow my capacity to love every day. My heart is widening as I love.

How do I understand?

Some discourses that I used to know by heart but did not make deep connections with their meanings turn into a cognition in me. Previously, being right, persuasion, acceptance of your word was among my self-confidence criteria. Nowadays, I realize that these new parameters are actually the wishes of my EGO, and my SELF is more full of LOVE, COMPETENCE, UNDERSTANDING, TOLERANCE. My heart is warm. I manage to stand RESPECT even for opinions that are not very good when voiced to me. And then I realize It happens because I love it. A terrible RESPECT grows inside me because I succeeded in loving the person, the event, the feelings and states that he reflected on me. I can’t think badly about anyone at times like this. I know that whatever I reflect, it will come back to me. THANK YOU, the universe compares it with beautiful things. And at times like this, I can’t resist hoping.

HOPE for what?

I’m talking about my personal hope of being able to love everyone and everything. I know it’s very utopian. Man cannot love every food, even every flower, but they can allow it to be as it is and greet his existence with respect. Of course, this also applies to the people I said. Earlier Various servants of Allah I wrote in my article. One of the greatest values ​​of the universe is the diversity we have… Nobody is like anyone else. We are unique beings and we are beautiful as we are, with our differences.

How is it possible to realize this and love these differences?

This area is one of the things that has occupied my mind for a long time. My experiences are based on this, brother. And every time I expand the person, event or phenomenon in front of me if I can love. Believe me! With broad acceptance, unless I am sharp and polar, my LOVE grows as I continue to be as I am. I think every person has the potential to love. In other words, the heart and heart area are also available to expand[1]. (This is also a scientific fact. For my curious brothers, I leave a video link in the footnotes. For those who want to deepen, I include the link to the website where the articles are created.) So, shouldn’t we do our personal work to experience more the Essence that we have created as humans? If we see opportunities in every relationship, event, conflict we live in, try to experience another perspective… If we look at life for a few minutes from the point of view of the person that we do not understand and find right. Of course, it is necessary to know how to RESPECT for these, brother. It is necessary to know how to listen with respect, stay in the field with respect, and honor the presence and discourse of the other person with respect. And to be able to do all these, one has to know how to love.

Is love something that can be learned?

YES to me. If you observe your environment and yourself properly, sense LOVE and honor it each time, your contact with it increases day by day. That’s when you love the little ones and count the big ones. You experience RESPECT as you love. It doesn’t matter anymore to be right, nor the hubris of trying to teach someone. You let everything just be. If you love enough; WORLD, you love it as it is, even if it is against your thoughts, values, and what you know. Your RESPECT for everyone’s freedom to be yourself grows within you.

Thus RESPECT comes from LOVE, and it can never be taught by force. You keep your words because you respect, you dedicate yourself for your respect. Because you respect yourself, you have a hundred percent presence in what you do. If you respect the other person, he will learn to love over time, if he doesn’t know. Oh, by the way, there is the art of loving. Erich Fromm wrote it years ago. From my bedside books; The Art of Loving[2]. (I leave that to the footnotes too)

This time I am writing the last word from a place you know very well, with the intention of celebrating the past holiday. Let’s say it together. As we say it, let’s connect with the deep meanings of the words. Because in the next article, I intend to explain the concepts of shape-content-meaning. Until then, I hope it will be a good practice for all of us…

Look bro

Give me your hand

Come Brother

I brought you joy

Take it brother

Eat, drink, laugh, play

Wrap brother

Your arm to my neck

Love brother

My dear sacrifice for your way

Tap brother

To all people

We came to the world once

Stop fighting sing this song everyday

He laughs as he loves, to every face

Let the aims be one

Hearts together

With all my heart,

Your brother Nihan


Paul J. Rosch. “Why the Heart Is Much More Than a Pump”. Şuradan alındı: https://www.heartmath.org/research/research-library/relevant/heart-much-pump/

The Art of Loving, Erich Fromm, Payel Publishing House

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