Suggestions for a sore throat

Suggestions for a sore throat

A sore throat can be the first symptom of a cold, a side effect of strained vocal cords, or a sign of a more serious illness. Regardless of the reason, when we have a sore throat, we quickly think about how to relieve our aching throat. If you have a sore throat due to a bacterial infection, it may be right to go to a doctor and get medication, but in milder cases, you can find solutions that you can find yourself at home.

Various studies show that gargling with a mixture of warm water and salt several times a day reduces swelling in the throat, helps to expel phlegm and helps flush bacteria from the body. Doctors usually recommend mixing half a teaspoon of salt and a cup of water to gargle. If the salt water taste disturbs you very much, you can get a lighter taste by adding a very small amount of honey to the mixture. After preparing your mixture, you should gargle for 30 seconds and spit it out.

Drinking as often as possible throughout the day will provide relief in your throat. At the same time, drinking warmer drinks instead of cold drinks will relieve your sore throat. It also prevents you from dehydration and even hyperemia (excessive blood filling of the organs).

Tired of drinking water? Then a cup of herbal tea can help relieve your aching throat immediately. Teas made from black, gray or white leaves, which are not herbal tea, also contain antioxidants that strengthen immunity and prevent infections. Adding a teaspoon of honey to your tea can also aid your healing process.

Chicken soup, which has been made at home for colds for many years, is also good for sore throat. It is also stated that the sodium contained in chicken broth prevents inflammation. You may also have noticed that eating solid foods is painful when you have a sore throat. Therefore, it may be easier and more comfortable to drink soup.

It is interesting, is not it? There is no definitive evidence that eating marshmallow is good for sore throat, but it is known that tea has been produced from the root of the marshmallow plant for hundreds of years and these teas have been used to treat cough, cold and sore throat. The soft marshmallows we know now also have properties that are good for sore throats.

The fastest solution to your sore throat is probably to rest. When your throat hurts, you should make sure that your body is resting so that you can get over this infection as soon as possible.

While washing the inside of your nose with salt water may not sound good, there is some evidence that this is beneficial. In a study conducted on children in 2008, it was observed that the symptoms of the common cold were reduced in those who rinsed the inside of their nose with salt water 6 times a day. This shows that washing your nose with salt water every day will reduce the amount of mucus in your nose and your chances of getting colds and other infections. You can find special sets for washing the inside of your nose on the internet.

If you have a sore throat, being in a room with dry air can make your pain even more unbearable. To avoid this situation, you may want to consider purchasing a room humidifier. This machine will make the air in your room more humid and you will start to breathe more easily. Hence, your sore throat will decrease as well.

The syrup-like structure of a spoonful of honey helps your throat relax, while at the same time, the antimicrobials in it can help you heal faster. Eating honey for a sore throat is suitable for adults but can be harmful for children under 1 year old.

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