Spices to help prevent sugar cravings

Spices to help prevent sugar cravings

Deniz Alayat

Nowadays I’m going into a weird sweet crisis In order to reduce this desire a little, I started to get strength from spices. If you have such sweet crises, keep reading…

“So, How will it be?” If you ask, using the spices that nature has offered us correctly. The anti-inflammatory properties of soil-grown foods restore insulin sensitivity so satiety hormones like leptin work well. As a result, the craving for sugar decreases. Also, not consuming or reducing refined sugar, even for a few weeks, can reset the brain’s reward circuits to crave less sugar. Finally, the fiber in these foods feeds the good bacteria in the microbiome, putting it in a healthier state that can reduce sugar cravings. Now it’s your turn to focus on which spices!

Black pepper: It has anti-inflammatory piperine.

Sumac: It inhibits inflammation in various ways.

Turmeric: It inhibits inflammation and supports the integrity of the intestinal lining.

Cardamom: It reduces the need for sugar with its floral and sweet-like notes.

Red pepper: It contains capsaicin, which reduces inflammation and increases healthy bacteria in our gut.

Clove: Contains nigrisin, which can increase insulin sensitivity.

Cinnamon: It contains cinnamaldehyde, which is anti-inflammatory and improves insulin signaling. It is important to use real cinnamon for low liver toxin levels.

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