Sometimes it happens, sometimes not |  Life

Sometimes it happens, sometimes not | Life

Sometimes that happens and it’s never been like that.

Two playfuls find each other. First, they urgently need to know what games can be played together. That is why such meetings proceed at an almost absurd rate; It is possible for everything to happen in a few days, a few hours, a few moments. But after a while, in a universe where the moment, time (and many other things) are not linear at all, the real game begins.

Where almost everything can quickly turn into a game and games turn, on the plane, linearity is suddenly lost.

It doesn’t matter how the process progresses, how the games branch out.

In a place where possibilities, wins, victories, bets and enjoyments flow so intensely with such a wide variety of games, on the plane, reality can get very complicated.

It’s not a question of who wins, and it’s not linear at all; it’s all about the stories that are revealed and the magic. An explosion that could be enough of a story for a few rings and forests. A flea circus in which all possible versions are played. Doomsday show.

An endless stream of possibilities that can flow away when timed contracts are not taken care of.

I mean, two players come together; in that place, on the plane, things change. A reality that no one can conceive of, because only in that place can exist with them. As the possibilities vary, the reins are bound to be lost.

This reality and magic converge and become stronger, and what he does with it is up to the player, on the plane, where he is.

Those with experience and skill take this magic and create beautiful places and planes for themselves and play. For example, it was one of them who created the semicolon when the comma was a thousand dollars; He was one of the masters of his time. Some call it something else, find other ways to divide matters or just to enjoy it. There are unlimited games that can be played with this magic. Both sides have acquired enough game material for centuries even on their own. When they want to evaluate them together, there is no end to the realities that can be created.

Some hesitate, it is not the time; He doesn’t run into the magic like that, he’s not ready, maybe he’s lazy. He doesn’t understand, misunderstands, maybe it doesn’t suit him. Then at least one of these two playfuls will surely feel a little lonely, unlucky and sad. Then time will be able to return to its boring linear flow as we know it – the first few days may be a bit slow. A little heartache may also be on the agenda.

Who does what with the magic that has been spread around like that, is unknown. Some say that the reason for all the magic that anyone suddenly encounters somewhere, and all the suddenly striking shooting stars, is this stray magic that the tricksters can’t point with two hands and just scatter around.

Fortunately, if you can land it in the right place on your timeline, you can create beautiful ghosts for yourself with some of that magic and live with them. They’re pretty talkative, too. Like imaginary friends, they follow you through the woods—just—sometimes. They sing you silly songs and funny lies. It happens, sometimes it doesn’t; it’s never been like this.


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