Smart solutions in between sleep |  Relationship

Smart solutions in between sleep | Relationship

There may be some problems you experience with your partner during sleep. The long-term solutions that you can do at the moment and provide definitive solutions to eliminate these problems are as follows:

Short term solution: Instead of constantly thinking about your party snoring, you can imagine the relaxing rise and fall of the waves and imagine their sounds.

Long term solution: Consult a sleep specialist. Before spending money on earplugs, it’s helpful to find out if your partner has sleep apnea.

Short term solution: Before you go to sleep, tell him that you prefer him to hold your hand.

Long term solution: It’s time to meet the body pillow. Tell your partner to hug him when he’s ready to go to sleep so he or she doesn’t need anything else to wrap up his arms.

Short term solution: Strange but effective: Having your partner take a pre-sleep shower can help lower both of your body temperature during the night. Turning on the air conditioner can also be effective.

Long term solution: If the bill, which reflects the effects of the air conditioning, affects your budget too much, you can buy sheets or pajamas made of breathable material. Polyester and rayon fabrics absorb moisture, that is, sweat.

Short term solution: If you are at your partner’s home, the best thing to do for the moment may be to remove the pillowcase you sleep in and turn it over. At the very least, you will use the side that is “cleaner” in appearance and less covered by germs or dandruff.

Long term solution: Tell him about the situation he’s used to, or offer to go to your own home with clean sheets.

Short term solution: The secretion of hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin during orgasm not only relieves stress, but also makes you both tired.

Long term solution: It’s time to create a solid sleep schedule. Insist on going to bed and waking up at the same time every day.

Short term solution: Your partner is probably just stressed out or sleep deprived. Have him use a heavy blanket to help minimize his movements.

Long term solution: It’s time to stop drinking at least an hour before bed or opt for a magnesium supplement. If the problem continues, you can try to make an appointment with a sleep specialist.

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