Skin benefits of vitamin K |  Beauty

Skin benefits of vitamin K | Beauty

Preserving the skin barrier is perhaps the most important step in skin care. This falls on vitamin K to protect your skin from harmful bacteria or factors. With its moisturizing feature, you can take a look at the other benefits of vitamin K, which has recently been found in many skin care products:

Dermatologist Y. Claire Chang says that wound contraction, which she says is a “healing response,” increases with vitamin K. In this way, you can ensure that your wounds are repaired faster by increasing collagen production.

Vitamin K protects your skin from the effects of skin-damaging UV rays and pollution. Dermatologist Julie Russak has redox properties, so it helps to detoxify the reactive oxygen species released by these factors.

Blood clotting may be perceived as an unfavorable situation, but it should not be ignored that it is necessary for the body. It is said that vitamin K is closely related to the accumulation of blood in the vessels under the eyes and blood clotting in general. In this regard, two dermatologists differ from each other in terms of their opinions. While Russak thinks it’s “a great option for people with dark circles and heavily pigmented under-eyes”, Chang is a little more skeptical.

Participants who used emu oil-based pads containing vitamin K and caffeine were found to have less wrinkles and dark circles. in the study It was laid out. However, dermatologist Chang said, “In this study, it is unclear whether the improvement in dark circles was due to vitamin K or caffeine and emu oil.” says. An earlier 2004 report that vitamin K was beneficial in reducing dark circles and wrinkles. in the study It was demonstrated, but vitamin K was paired with vitamins C and E as well as retinol in this study.

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