Shoulder to shoulder motherhood |  Life

Shoulder to shoulder motherhood | Life

05 May 2021 Wednesday

Today’s agenda is mothers. With florists that will be open on Mother’s Day, with special discounts, with food processor cliches… With handcrafted gifts made in front of the screen in distance education, with Whatsapp congratulatory messages, memes… Sorrow for mothers who cannot visit, and longing for mothers who are no longer able to visit…

Speaking of longing, one should not forget women who longed to be mothers but could not. She should not forget the women who have been subjected to questions, implications and judgments for a lifetime because they chose not to be a mother.

Motherhood is a huge issue. It accompanies people for life. Regardless of male or female, the subject of “mother” manifests itself in various situations throughout life. Sometimes he performs in the lead role, and sometimes in the role of an unknown but very influential supporting actor. The “mother” subject weaves the fabric of life, sometimes explicitly and sometimes implicitly.

The motherhood establishment promises a lot in making discoveries about ourselves. It doesn’t matter if we’ve become mothers, haven’t been or didn’t want to be; The way we perceive and live this issue greatly affects our stance in life. If we are a man, with everything about the mother …

Our relationship with our mother or with the mother figures in our lives is the backbone of the issue. The traces of motherhood that we have been exposed to since the first day of our lives, write most of the story. Fortunately, new pages are given to us every day.

Self-perception, perspective on life, life style are directly affected by the “mother” issue. However, it should be remembered that the responsibility here is not only of the mother. The mother is an individual in environmental conditions. Many components such as the mother’s background, cultural codes, emotional support and division of labor at home directly affect the mother’s well-being. The mother herself still carries her past child status somewhere in her. The fact that that child remained in the past, in his lifetime, or is still ingrained in his emotional world, behind the reactions and impulses, determines a lot.

The mother alone is not responsible for everything. This is against human nature. If the child is part of the society, so is the mother. It is not normal for a mother to be in charge of her child, domestic and foreign affairs, family-relative affairs, country and earth affairs, and for her own well-being. Even if a woman takes responsibility for her own well-being and takes care of it Life is in the “Right to Stop” circle it needs to be included, understood, supported as we experience. It is not sustainable for any human child, who is caught up in this nonstop process called pandemic, to endure everything by saying “I do it”. So how do we do it? Where are we going to keep this trend?

We will hold on to each other.

At every opportunity.


My most basic prayer nowadays is; “Make it easy”

It is not “let this, get this”.

“Make it easy”

All kinds of things we live in life; There are things that facilitate difficulties, transitions, pauses, backwards, setbacks. Human is what makes it easy as well as what makes it difficult… Each of human beings, diversity, is a part of creation in the universe. Each manifestation is a candidate to be facilitator. Like the mother, who can be of two types.

The virtual circles that HTHayat organizes every month are a means of facilitating a little bit… Until today, each image gathered from “glass to glass” in Zoom, even from the screen, shared what the circle area has added to itself or made from itself, and He showed that one of his ways is to see, listen, understand and shoulder the other person. Whether a person is far or near, at least giving the feeling of being “shoulder to shoulder” is a source of life that works right down to the human cells.

Just like a mother …

It is not necessary to give birth to a child in order to be a mother to yourself, a mother to each other, to be a mother to humanity. Motherhood is in all of us. Life is easier, enjoyable and promising when we all find balance with the inner child, the mother within us.

Let’s meet at Zoom on Sunday, May 9 at 21:00. Let’s be together in the “Shoulder to Shoulder” circle.

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