shape – content – meaning

shape – content – meaning

Hello Brother,

You know, I have an unfinished post from last time. I don’t know if the subject is deep or because I feel inadequate in writing, I couldn’t finish it last time. It is not something to write and tell briefly, but maybe we will think about what I wrote together. Now is the time to try…

Actually, this is a subject that has been circulating in my mind for a few weeks, brother. It was waiting to merge with something else, I think I finally found it. When I found it, I wanted to share it with you right away. Writing is a great HEALING… The most precious moments when I realize that there is a whole universe flowing through me are the moments I live while I write. Because when I sit at my writing desk – I mostly write after meditation – I write what comes with the flow and generally leave everything as it is, except for a few minor corrections. That’s why it’s very valuable to write what comes from my point of view, and for you, I hope it is valuable to read and hear them.

Now let’s come to why I started to tell them. Figure I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I was looking at why people were always attracted to the eye-catching, and sometimes with a judgment that I couldn’t help, I focused on how much content those who were stuck on the figure missed. Did you notice, bro? I immediately separated myself, and when I was talking about uniting so much, UNITY. THANK YOU, I caught myself too and put the following question in front of me:

“Confess, Nihan, how much content Even if you say you’re a fan meaning’s Where are you even if you choose a life path after you? to shape Are you hanging out?”

I asked myself this, honestly…

Now we all know; ATTENTION is almost there FOCUS. So, there is something about this subject that needs to be examined in me, or maybe I need to write and understand and explain. I’m still exploring. Like peeling an onion, one can descend to the Self layer by layer, it’s not easy. Of course, I have some small finds, I will write them down too, don’t worry bro, but now I want to share what I have synthesized. In the meantime, ask yourself what happens!

What are the issues that I get stuck with and can’t go deep into?

What are the things that I look at the shape and make big judgments?

What content do I need to understand beyond the obvious?

What needs to be done to meet meaning, meaning meaning?

My obsession with this subject of shape mainly emerged when I wanted to underline the proposition that “man is a multi-layered and multidimensional being composed of body-mind-spirit”. I discovered another triple structure such as “shape-content-meaning”. By the way, I’m not sure if this is how it is mentioned in the literature, but when I think about it this way, I put some things in my head very easily. Think about it, brother, every being that exists in the three-dimensional world has a shape that we see with our eyes, a content as the capacity of what it can do, and a meaning within the whole.

Example; The being called human gives us a reference when we examine it with our eyes, whether it is male or female, beautiful or ugly, tall or short. As we get to know him, we discover his personal capacity, that is, his content. We often say that content-rich ones are very attractive, and shallow ones are boring. Lastly, after deep struggles and many challenging tests, we can focus on the meaning of our relationship with the person in front of us, the reason for his existence, our own meaning in this dual existence.

Isn’t it very clear?

If we look at the relationship between these two, three-layered structures mentioned above and evaluate why they are important for our PATH, we discover something completely different. I wrote it below, read it out loud bro!

body-mind-spirit trio throughout our practice of trying to balance your form, your body, your content, your mind, your meaning to your soul. I wonder what other deep insights it makes possible.

This insight, which enabled me to be enlightened, was reflected in my observing myself for a week, brother. Since the content behind the figure always attracted my attention, frankly, I did not see many points of improvement in myself here, and as I said at the beginning of the article, I was judging my brothers who could not understand this, and from time to time I was putting differences between us. Since my personal decisions are usually focused on functionality and content, without being attached to the image, those who cannot do this are too visual-oriented, they care too much about how they look, and therefore they generally insufficiency with the saboteur I thought they should work. What kind of big judgments are these when trying to experience the neutral perception level while writing about the polarity? But please don’t judge me bro. Our way is to be ONE OF THE SELF AND THE PROMISE… To explore the places we cannot do together… To hold the hand of the fallen and invite them back to the PATH… REMEMBER… Let us wrap ourselves and our brothers and sisters with Tenderness…

Meaning Ever since I started to examine the layer of it, I am full of the realization that all of them are a whole. man’s with content When he couldn’t get rich, he always tried to decorate the outside, he had something in himself and in his life. meaning Lately, I see how he can make big judgments by turning his focus outside when he can’t find it.

Above all, I realize that one cannot be COMPLETE for the life of the world without the other. This is the most important place for me because sometimes the intellectual who passes the first layer and tries to deepen in content and meaning! I also realize that the cut is completely detached from the figure, or that it clings to the figure and creates divisions between itself and the society. In this case, the BALANCE is broken again, my brother.

How are we brothers on the path aiming to grow in the spiritual realm? body-mind-spirit triangle maybe if we’re trying to balance figure-content and meaning triangle We need to keep balance in our lives.

Think about it, my dear brother, what could be more pleasant than a visually beautiful being enriched with content and creating meaning with its existence?

In fact, he is currently performing Erol Evgin’s 50th anniversary concert.[1] (I leave a link below for my brothers and sisters who are curious about this perfect feast) While listening and watching, I realize how real artists are good for both the eyes, the ears and the heart, and I shed tears of gratitude for this sublime harmony in the universe. eye-ear-heart triangle, shape-content-meaning with triangle integrates in my mind. The fact that what I understand with my mind is ONE with my heart feeds my soul, I expand. My soul is growing, and the more my soul grows, the more I feel that we are ONE. May every soul be blessed to be able to feel UYUM…

With all my heart,

Your Sister Nihan


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