Secure password creation methods |  Life

Secure password creation methods | Life

We usually prefer easy-to-remember passwords for our user accounts on the Internet, but actually this is not the right move in terms of security. If you want to keep your accounts safe, you should set a password by paying attention to a few details we will recommend to you. “Who should do what with my account?” Do not think that, especially since we started to run all our business on the internet due to the pandemic, security should be our priority.

Information that can be guessed in your password; Avoid using details such as your name, date of birth, age, family-friend-child name, license plate, favorite team, place of residence.

Do not use sequential or consecutive numbers in your password. Also, do not use letter combinations that are next to each other or up and down on the keyboard. You can make your password more secure by using upper and lower case letters and numbers in complex combinations as possible. You can even use special characters (@, ^, #, &) to make the combination more complex and secure.

The recommended length for password security is a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 12 characters. It is important that you do not fall below 8 characters for the password to be more secure and not more than 12 characters for the password to be practical.

Many e-mail services offer a two-step security system for authentication. By activating this system, you can make your firewall twice as strong.

It may not look like your account has been compromised yet, but a hacker is holding your current password and may not have taken any action yet. For this reason, it is important for security that you change your passwords regularly and do not use old passwords.

Most people either take a note on a piece of paper or use the same password for each account to remember their passwords. However, the paper on which you wrote your passwords could be lost or someone else could get it. Likewise, using only one password for each account means that when you have an account stolen, your other accounts are also in danger. To avoid both of these situations, it’s safer to set a separate password for each account and use a password manager on your computer and phone.

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