Secret situations chapter 13: I waited but didn’t go

Secret situations chapter 13: I waited but didn’t go

He was walking down the hospital corridor, trying not to show his anxiety. I was afraid of possible hospitals. The biggest share in this was his father. According to his father, the pain in his stomach indicated that his intestines were knotted, and the pain in the back of his waist indicated that his kidneys had rotted.

Of course, he had been involved in hospitals for a while. When he was young, he was back from the edge of tuberculosis. He had swallowed a tiny pill and vitamin medicine every day for two years. He liked the orange smell of the vitamin medicine, the foam bursting and splashing on his face. Also, these drugs were the only thing his parent thought of him and gave him special. Another good thing was that his father, whom he couldn’t spend time with, took him to the hospital every month. As they walked to the hospital together, they would talk about the old houses and knock the doorknobs of the empty ones. On the way back from the hospital, his father used to buy warm little donuts from the bakery for this child who had not seen the face of the grocery store. On the other hand, it was not very pleasant memories that the ice-cold iron of the x-ray machine touched his tiny body, the number of microbes in his blood was measured, the test needles made before vaccination at school swelled his arms like a drum, and the nurse fell into a situation different from his friends when he sharply marked that swelling with a ballpoint pen.

The scene he encountered when he entered the doctor’s room pulled him from his past. The doctor, who had styled his short blond hair in a hedgehog, was cleaning the strings of his guitar. At first he wanted to step back and leave the room, but the doctor set the guitar aside and motioned for him to sit down.

With a warm smile;

“Welcome. What brought you here?”

“I’m diving in.”


“Generally to the past. I’m diving in and I’m not there for a while anymore. “

“When I play the guitar, I’m running out of time.”

“But I’m sick.”

“But I’m a doctor. Let me see I haven’t diagnosed yet. Your tests and obvious results are clean. “

“You haven’t had anything done yet.”

“From the system, I see that Dr. Sadi Bey had all the examinations done and delivered the results to you.”


“You also wanted me to look, I understand. By the way, would you play an instrument? “

“Well, I played the violin sometime.”

“Why did you quit?”

“Not without winning the university exam, my father said. Although then I had to finish college without further ado. So I’ve always waited for such things. “

“You waited too long.”

“I guess.”

As he left the doctor’s room, he immediately looked at the nameplate on the door. It didn’t feel wrong, it was the doctor he went to after searching the resume.

After leaving the hospital, he did not know where to go. This meeting made him uneasy. He moved forward, looking into the shop windows. He saw a snow-white cat in front of a small shop on the Galata side and bowed down to love. The cat rubbed against its legs first, but then quickly ran inside. When he looked up again, he noticed the sign for the shop, Pati Müzikevi.

Photo: Tuğçe Özdeniz Arslan

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