Scorpio Full Moon 2021 |  Astrology

Scorpio Full Moon 2021 | Astrology

Hello, a Full Moon will occur in Scorpio at 06.31, Istanbul time on April 27. Scorpio is the rising sign of the Full Moon chart, Taurus, which is the other end of the Sun-Moon opposition that causes the formation of the Full Moon, and there is a cluster of 3 planets and the Sun in this sign. This means that there was pressure and tension especially in material, financial and land-related issues during this period, because Scorpio and Taurus are two signs related to possession.

Scorpio is on the restless and empowering side of this opposition, while Taurus is on the happy and peaceful side with what he has. However, the fact that the angle tolerance of the square angle of Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius is very close to each other, that is, the angle is very effective seems to be the main factor that creates the pressure and tension I mentioned above. The turmoil in the money markets, the fall of bitcoin and the fraud that has occurred are one of the effects of this Full Moon. We can observe similar effects in the full moon and the following 15 days. In this period, we will observe the downward trend in the money markets. In addition, despite the fact that our desire to change the financial issues or the subjects that include financial issues, to be free from these issues and to make forward-looking movements during this period was incredibly dominant, there are some obstacles, responsibilities to be taken and slowdowns before us. It seems beneficial not to make very serious change decisions during this period. If we show patience in this period, the decisions we make on behalf of future decisions can be quite appropriate and clever, because the full moon is in a parallel angle with the strong SPICA fixed star and this angle can bring strong and bright ideas.

The effects of the Scorpio Full Moon on the ascendant signs:

Rising Aries

There are some tensions, especially with regard to your income, joint income, or spouse’s income. You should also pay attention to issues such as debt and debt regarding your friends.

Bull Rising

In particular, delays and difficulties can be expected in financial conflicts in bilateral relations, marriage or partnership issues or in new steps to be taken regarding these issues.

Gemini Rising

This period seems a little tense in terms of health and daily routine. It is a period in which one should be very careful about health and take responsibility. It is also a challenging period for foreign business issues.

Cancer Rising

Dating, love affairs, children, if any, entertainment and hobbies are tested by obstacles and delays in debt, debt or collective income.

Lion Rising

During this period, issues such as your family life, your parents and real estate investment are emphasized, but there are some responsibilities that can pose an obstacle for bilateral relations or partnerships.

Virgo Rising

Education, travels, close and distant relatives, siblings are emphasized. But there are challenging issues regarding your jobs and health, which hinders travel and education issues.

Libra Rising

Your desire and responsibilities to restructure your hobbies, love affairs, or if you have children, may cause you to become indebted or be affected negatively by financial speculative issues, this period is not a very suitable time for investment or stock market.

Scorpio Rising

A period when some issues related to your private life, real estate issues such as land, house, house renovation, moving, or issues related to your parents are an element of pressure in your life, and this pressure also causes tension in your bilateral relations.

Sagittarius Rising

During this period, issues related to education, travels may make you feel emotionally stuck. This may reflect negatively on your health. You may be willing but struggling to create a new life routine. Obstacles should not daunt you.

Capricorn Rising

There may be some financial crises related to groups of friends or project groups you are in, or there may be expenses you need to make for these groups. If you have, you may encounter some financial barriers or expenses related to your children.

Aquarius Rising

There may be some obstacles during this period in matters concerning your career and your position in society, you may have to take too much responsibility while your inner world wants to escape too much.

Fish Rising

You may experience some endings during this period in matters related to abroad, foreigners, publishing and education, and you may have to travel. When you feel emotionally tense and stuck, it will be good for you to take a vacation for a while.

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