Salad recipes to cheer up your table |  Life

Salad recipes to cheer up your table | Life

Yedikule kidney bean salad with lettuce

Healthy and delicious kidney bean salad that you can consume as a single meal … You can add any greens to the kidney beans after pre-cooking.

Gum Artichoke Salad

Healthy and delicious salad made with inner bowls after using the outer leaves of mastic artichokes in olive oil stuffing … Click for the gum artichoke salad recipe!

Baby spinach salad with lentil beets

The recipe for a healthy and delicious salad that you can consume as a single meal: Baby spinach salad with lentil and beet … How to make baby spinach salad with lentil and beetroot?

Green bean salad

It becomes an appetizing, delicious and healthy summer salad with its colorful appearance that you can make with bush beans or ayşe woman beans. Click for the fresh bean salad recipe!

Purple potato salad

Purple potato, whose homeland is South America, is a very useful food source in terms of iron, potassium, folic acid, vitamin C, B complex, high fiber content and antioxidants. It has many benefits, from skin health to our digestive system and protection from cancer. Since the domestic purple potato, which has started to be produced in Turkey, resembles sweet potato in terms of flavor, we can use it in many places such as cakes, cookies, bread and salads. Purple Potato Salad Recipe …

Cheese Pasta Salad

Delicious salad recipe that you can consume as a light meal in summer heat from Müjgan Yurtseven: Pasta salad with cheese … How to make a cheese pasta salad?

Olive salad

A salad from Hatay delicacies that goes well with breakfast tables: Olive salad

Smoked turkey salad with asparagus

Healthy and delicious salad that you can consume as a single meal from Müjgan Yurtseven. Asparagus smoked turkey salad recipe …

Hatay barren

The crushed pepper paste used in barren is made with the hot red pepper known as Reyhanlı pepper, half dried, passed through a meat grinder and stored in the freezer. The taste remaining on the palate: Hatay barren

Sea beans salad

Müjgan Yurtseven gave a delicious summer salad recipe with lemon slices, tomatoes, garlic and colored peppers, which go well with sea beans. Sea beans salad Click for the recipe!


We prepare the bulgur of Tabule (tabbouleh), a delicious salad variety with lots of parsley from Lebanese cuisine, by soaking it with olive oil and lemon juice instead of water. As the aroma of lemon and olive oil passes into bulgur, its flavor increases many times over. How is tabule made?

Quinoa salad with pecan nut

If you have pre-boiled quinoa in your freezer, your salad will be ready in just 15-20 minutes. Click for the recipe of quinoa salad with pecan walnut!

Pumpkin Salad with Basil

Roasted walnuts, mozzarella, basil and a special sauce go very well with the salad I prepared by cutting the zucchini raw in long strips with just a vegetable peeler. How to make a basil pumpkin salad?

Fresh potato salad

Try the salad that you can make with a few simple ingredients and look great on the table in terms of taste and visuals. Making a fresh potato salad …

Purslane Salad with Nectarines

Delicious and healthy salad for those who love sweet and sour harmony from Müjgan Yurtseven’s recipe book. Purslane salad with nectarine recipe …

Coleslaw salad

How would you like to try Coleslaw, a Dutch-style salad, with Müjgan Yurtseven’s recipe? How to make a Coleslaw salad?

Kale Cheese Salad with Purple Carrot

We should make use of plenty of fresh vegetables and especially the purple colored ones in seasonal transitions where we need to strengthen our immune system the most … You can consume this delicious and healthy salad as a light meal. Click here for the recipe of cheese salad with purple carrot kale!


Try Guacomelo with homemade crispy tortillas, which you can easily prepare alongside meat dishes or as a pre-dinner snack. How is guacamole made?

Zahter salad with roasted capia pepper

If you cannot find the fresh thyme, also called thyme, you can make this recipe with brine. Recipe for zahter salad with roasted capia pepper …

Grain fruit quinoa salad

For this recipe, Müjgan Yurtseven said, “I used green lentils that I sprout except for boiled grains and quinoa in a delicious salad that you can consume as a meal alone.” Grain fruit quinoa salad recipe …

Purslane salad with fruit

You can make delicious salads by sweetening purslane, which is a very rich vegetable in terms of vitamins and minerals, with fruits in season. How to make a fruit purslane salad?

I made the salad

Mung bean, which has a very high vegetable protein content, is also recommended by experts for dieters and those who take care of healthy nutrition, due to its feature of being satiating and promoting metabolism. Click for the recipe of mung bean salad!

Couscous Salad

A refreshing summer salad made with couscous, one of our traditional culinary values. Couscous salad recipe …

Purple Cabbage Salad

Purple cabbage helps us to resist cold weather thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains. We often add this flavor, which is very rich in vitamins C and K, as a garnish to salads. How about preparing it with mint leaves and Argentine radish alone by giving the right to purple cabbage, which is so beneficial? How to make a purple cabbage salad?

Pistachio Asparagus Salad

Healthy and delicious salad prepared in 15-20 minutes is one of the favorite flavors at home. How to make a pistachio asparagus salad?

Atom salad with avocado cheese

Müjgan Yurtseven gave a healthy and delicious salad recipe that you can consume as a single meal in summer heat! Avocado cheese atom salad recipe …

Grapefruit Green Salad with Goat Cheese

Müjgan Yurtseven gives a refreshing salad recipe that combines sweet and sour fruits with greens. Grapefruit Green Salad with Goat Cheese

Egg salad

If you are looking for a filling salad recipe, you should choose one of the traditional flavors, egg salad. How to make an egg salad?

Winter salad with sesame seeds and cheese

Delicious and healthy winter salad that you can consume as a light meal alone … Winter salad with sesame cheese recipe …

Asparagus Salad with Basil Sauce

We suggest you try the tomato salad with basil sauce that goes well with grilled meat & chicken dishes. Asparagus Salad Recipe With Basil Sauce …

Curd salad

A great recipe that you should make room for your breakfast table: How to make a curd salad?

Sultani pea salad recipe with kumquat

From Müjgan Yurtseven The recipe of sultani pea salad with kumquat …

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