Robot vacuum cleaner recommendations |  Life

Robot vacuum cleaner recommendations | Life

One of the rising trends of recent years is robot vacuum cleaners. Homend is doing a research on robot vacuum cleaners, which the fields explain with a big heart, and within the scope of the research, he reaches the following conclusions:

Meets expectations

According to GFK Panelmarket 2020 data, the Robot Vacuum Cleaner Category has grown by 560 percent in terms of quantity in 2020.

Robot vacuum usage increases in households

According to Ipsos Household Consumption Panel Durable Goods Survey data, 4.7 percent of households in Turkey have robot vacuum cleaners.

The users are happy

92 percent of those who buy robot vacuum cleaners report that their expectations are met.

Most wires are collected before starting to clean:

Research results reveal that 23 percent of robot vacuum cleaner users do not make any preparations before cleaning. In the preliminary preparation, picking the cables takes the first place with a rate of 52 percent, while lifting the items standing on the floor takes the second place with 51 percent. While only 17 percent of robot vacuum cleaner users prefer to remove the carpets before cleaning, 3 percent perform other preliminary preparations.

Houses are shaped according to robot vacuum cleaners

While 72 percent of the respondents said “I choose my furniture according to the robot vacuum cleaner”, 44 percent stated that they changed the decoration of their home according to the robot vacuum cleaner. 38 percent of the respondents said they planned to make changes in the decoration of their home. There is no one who says I will not make changes!

Intense interest from pet owners

Research shows that 72 percent of those who prefer robot vacuum cleaners have pets. Robot vacuum cleaners, which pet owners see as a savior in the “hair spilled around” problem; 43 percent cats, 28 percent dogs, 26 percent birds, 3 percent of other pet owners.

Users want talking robot

59 percent of robot vacuum cleaners have a speech feature. While 50 percent of robot vacuum cleaner users find this feature useful, 37 percent think it is very useful. While only 3 percent of the respondents said they did not find it useful at all, 11 percent were undecided.

So, what do users think about robot vacuum cleaners on the market?

Roborock S5 Max

In itself, it is an innovation that makes life easier. My favorite feature of the Roborock S5 Max is that it automatically detects carpets, increases the vacuum power and has the feature of wiping. Although I started the vacuum cleaner after I made it, it surprised me with the dust it collected. I use it every 2 days and it definitely meets my expectation. My belongings are higher than the ground for the robot vacuum cleaner to be functional; The effect of my seats being high enough to pass under the robot vacuum cleaner and the fact that most of my furniture is wall-mounted is great. For this reason, it can enter and exit everywhere and provides permanent cleaning. My only negative comment about the Roborock S5 Max is that the wiping and sweeping feature work at the same time. If you are going to use the wiping feature, you have to lift it from the front to prevent the carpets from getting wet. Other than that, I would recommend.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro Cleaner

Price and quality are very good. If the sofa set is close to the floor, there may be trouble. The house is pretty clean when it works every day. However, weekly cleaning is still a must. The wet wiping feature is not very good with the carpet, and I had some difficulty with mapping.

Viomi V2 Pro Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

You have the chance to do the sweeping and wiping separately. You can also use it together. You don’t need to pay much more, it will do the trick. It collects dust extremely well. It is only useful to do the mapping carefully.

Roidmi Eve Plus Smart Garbage Station Robot Vacuum & Mop Vacuum Cleaner

The product is good, yes, but mapping is so difficult, and there is a Turkish patch in the application, but the messages sent to us are in English. It is very nice to sweep the dust, but I did not understand much from it. I’m glad I don’t open any brooms anymore. It’s also great that he dumps his own trash.

Homend Alex 1280h Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

I used to use xiaomi smart robot vacuum cleaner before, now I bought Homend. It takes some time to explore apps with similar difficulty, but Homend Alex’s traction and cleaning around corners is much nicer. When I use it, the house is clean and I don’t need to use another vacuum cleaner.

Tefal Rg7447 X-plorer Serie 60 4in1 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop

I ordered because of the possibility of repair in my city, widespread authorized service and my trust in the brand, it is very easy to apply and in Turkish, yes there is no mapping in the product, but there may be many problems in mapping anyway, when I open the room I will use it is not a problem, the product cleans the room with a certain route, it is wet with a mop. It completes its cleaning without leaving water behind in wiping, and its ability to enter under the plinth has been a very facilitating factor for me. I have fringed carpets at home, and it doesn’t get stuck. The problematic parts are the difficulty in finding the charger from another room and the fact that when I leave it alone, it is overvoted in rooms with dense items and its route is confused, but as far as I understand, this problem can be experienced in many robot vacuum cleaners, I see that such problems can also be experienced in the comments of the mapped vacuum areas I have read.

Anker Eufy Robovac 15t Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

It’s a great product. I ran it as I got it and loved it. It became the mascot of our house, there is no wifi in my house so I bought this model. It sweeps very nicely and wanders as it wishes. Close the door, let it tour the whole room, if you want, manage it with its own remote. I had my hand and arm in a day and he walked around for half an hour, we couldn’t believe the dust coming out of the house, I highly recommend it. It is very easy to use, even my 3-year-old son learned it and enjoys it. If I get wifi in the future, I’ll buy the same brand’s wifi, but I’m already very satisfied.

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