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When you got pregnant, or maybe even before you got pregnant, you may have heard these words: Give birth as naturally as possible! Claim your birth! Skin-to-skin contact is one of the most basic rules for bonding with your baby! … As such, maybe you were in a hurry, thought about how to take care of your birth or that if the skin does not touch the skin, you will not be able to connect with your baby. So is this the only formula for mother-baby attachment? Of course, optimum birth environments allow the baby to make a smooth transition, with the mother in the lead role and the mother’s bosom – or the father’s – as soon as the baby is born. What if you live in a city where you can’t get this opportunity? Or maybe the hospital team is inclined to be persuaded but you don’t have the courage to have this talk? Come on in this article, let’s talk about what you can do if you have such an experience.

I will tell you about a very well-intentioned, yet equally dangerous slogan, “Claim Your Birth!” What do you feel when you first hear about it? There is a pressure right on me. There comes a rule like I have to protect my birth. What if I can’t help it?

Of course, systems are transforming in line with the demands of service users. We always have such a power; However, I am not satisfied that the birth supporters come up with such a slogan and ignore the message they give to women who cannot. Especially when people are so inclined to pursue perfection and seek something that is not – perfection! For example; Let’s think of a mother-to-be, she wants to claim her birth but does not respond to such a request because of her own background or character traits or just the circumstances she lives in. What can this woman think of herself after giving birth? She may blame herself, feel like an incompetent mother. A childbirth supporter should offer unconditional acceptance to every prospective parent and therefore carefully select the messages he / she gives and not foster the phenomenon of perfect parenting; because there are no perfect parents!

Of course, if you have the opportunity, if you care about these issues as a result of your research, if you think it will be good for you, take every opportunity within your means and pursue your demands. But just because it is popular, don’t waste time chasing something without learning details about the content and researching whether it is right for you.

Skin-to-skin contact made immediately after birth enables the mother and baby to bond more easily. The baby spent about 9 months in her mother’s womb in a warm and dim environment. Now he leaves the house and goes on an unknown journey. And in this unknown journey, he needs one thing: Trust! I wonder if this new world is safe or not? It is important for the baby to know this.

Turkey is not born baby is born across the hospital system the mother is taken immediately to a separate location after being shown a few minutes (some hospitals can be done in an area that could see the mother in) and there is the baby’s first check is made; She is dressed after the measurement of height, weight and first vaccinations, and it is told that they will be shown to the mother again, to keep her under the heater, and to meet her mother in the room.

There is also the following option: The baby is born, immediately put on the mother’s bare chest, and the first checks are done on her mother’s lap, and height and weight measurements and vaccinations are left for later. Therefore, the baby feels safe while in his mother’s arms, and even smells the mother’s womb from where her mother left her breast, so the stress level decreases even more. She looks into her mother’s eyes and records the message that this world is safe. Immediately after birth, it stays in the mother’s bosom for 1-1.5 hours. This is called skin-to-skin contact applied after birth. For this reason, it has been proven that this practice has a great contribution to mother-infant attachment.

I cannot finish counting the benefits of skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth. Of course, if you have the opportunity and opportunity and you are willing in this regard, it may be an easy start for you. What if you can’t? Then will you not be able to attach to your baby?

No! Attachment is a very input theory. When you do one thing like that, you are neither attached nor disconnected when you don’t.

For whatever reason, you wanted to make skin-to-skin contact with your baby right after birth, but it didn’t happen, or you wanted a natural birth, but you gave birth in a way you never wanted, you had disappointments about the birth, I want to tell you what you can do in such cases.

When things are not going the way you want, if you still have thoughts that occupy your mind when you come home after birth, you can use the following method about childbirth.

Decorate your bathroom as if you were giving birth. Place candles, change the mood with the scent of lavender, play nice music, play a role play as if it was the moment you gave birth. Immerse your baby in a light water as if it were born, and take it on your chest and make skin-to-skin contact. Then speak as you feel. “My dear welcome, I wanted to meet this way, but it did not work, this is what I could do. Now you are safe here, we love you very much… ”Whatever comes out of your lips at that moment. This is a very healing application for both you and your baby. Afterwards, contact skin to skin when you are at home. And stop blaming yourself now. You will never be the perfect mother, just let yourself go. Everything other than health is possible to compensate, do your best, make up for the events you realize. Your baby doesn’t need a perfect mom, so you are the best mom!

Even if you give birth at a time or if you cannot claim your birth, remember, the journey to parenthood is just like life and everything has a compensation!

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