Rebel children are more successful |  Mother

Rebel children are more successful | Mother

We often do not understand why children do not listen to what we say and misbehave. We hold ourselves accountable for this behavior and we start thinking about where we went wrong. However, according to a recent study by Research Gate, it turned out that stubborn and rebellious children were more successful than others in the following years.

The first thing that has been noticed in studies on 3,000 children aged 8-12 years since 1968 is that children are expected to meet certain expectations … Within the scope of the research, a questionnaire was applied to the children about their daily activities at school and at home, their feelings-thoughts and habits. According to the research that resulted after more than 40 years of follow-up, Children who oppose authority at home are more likely to question what is happening around them and to think beyond boundaries. This gives them an advantage in generating new ideas and establishing a business in the following years. Children, who were called rebellious, grumpy and stubborn as children, come to more important positions and earn more money when they enter the business life compared to children who are more disciplined and hard-working.

According to the variables analyzed, another reason why rebellious children succeed when they become adults is that they are selfish and take care of their own interests first. Their refusal to abide by the rules imposed on them, their refusal to stop arguing until they get the salary they want, and their constant search for better options may have led them to a better position.

Children’s characters and behaviors are considered to be the most important factors in their success. So the concept of success is about more than coming from a wealthy, upper-class family or cognitive resources. That the child develops throughout his life their abilities and sense of responsibility received in addition quality of professional and academic education is among the factors that determine his future career and economic situation.

On the other hand, in some cases, adults who were rebellious in their childhood did not achieve success ethically or they spent more time at school and studied more than others. This may enable children who study more at school to have the knowledge they need to earn a university and, along with it, to decide more easily what they want to do in the future. That’s why we advise parents not to worry too much if they have a rebellious or stubborn child. Because, according to research, this may be a good sign.

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