Reasons for using antibiotics at birth |  Pregnancy

Reasons for using antibiotics at birth | Pregnancy

Antibiotic drugs given to fight infections in the body are also used during childbirth in some cases. You can learn why you need to take antibiotics from your doctor, and you can prepare yourself for the process by getting informed beforehand.

Grup B Streptokok (GBS)

Group B Streptococcus (GBS) is a bacterial infection that can be found in the vagina and rectum of pregnant women and can be transmitted to the baby during vaginal delivery. GBS test is done in the last weeks of pregnancy, if this bacteria is found in the mother, antibiotic supplement is given during delivery. It is very important not to delay the GBS test during pregnancy in order to evaluate the possible need for antibiotics at birth and to prevent bacterial disease.

antibiotics for prevention

Sometimes routine prophylactic antibiotics are administered to prevent possible infections. It is common to administer antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection that may occur during the operation, especially before cesarean deliveries.

Antibiotics in premature birth

When labor begins much earlier than expected, an infection is suspected and antibiotics are administered to deal with this possible infection. Sometimes the antibiotic given in this case can stop the premature birth in a healthy way, in some cases the birth will continue, but the risk of increasing the infection will be significantly reduced.

Early opening of the water bladder

Generally, delivery is expected within 24 hours at the latest after the water bladder is opened. Because the opening of the amniotic sac is a situation that increases the risk of infection for the baby. In many hospitals, antibiotics are administered at most 18 hours after the water bladder is opened, to protect against the risk of infection in the baby.

fever at birth

If your body temperature rises unexpectedly during delivery, antibiotics may be administered for prophylaxis as this may be a sign of infection. Even if the cause of fever cannot be understood, the mother and baby are protected from a possible risk of infection.


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