Read this when you’re tired of everything

Read this when you’re tired of everything

The world we live in is a tiring place. Corrosive. Ungrateful. A place that requires constant effort, but rarely rewards. You get tired just because you live in it. You get tired of loving too much and giving too much to a world that never gives in return. You are tired of investing in uncertain results. You are tired of uncertainty. From the grays…

We know that you were not always this tired – there were times when you were hopeful and naive. The times when your optimism outweighs your cynicism and when you have an endless supply We know you’ve been torn apart, you’ve crumbled – broken hearts, broken promises. We know that the world has not always been generous to you, you have lost more than you have gained. We know that you cannot find the motivation to try again. We know.

Because the truth is we are all tired. Each of us. At a certain age, we are all members of an army of broken hearts, aching souls desperately seeking personal fulfillment. We want more; but we are too tired to ask. We are tired of where we are; But starting over is very scary. We need to take risks; but we are afraid that everything might go wrong. After all, we don’t know how many times we can start over.

We all think we are alone in our tiredness. But the truth is, we’re sick of each other too – the games we play, the lies we tell, the uncertainties we present to each other. We don’t want to play bad; But we don’t want to play the fool either. That’s why we’re building the walls.

We know how impossible it feels to keep trying and giving when one’s soul is tired. We know how tiring and hopeless the joyful ideals you once promised seem now. If you’ve come this close to giving up, try one last time, coming from within. You are tired of making initiatives, we know. We also know that your patience is running out. But the truth is that if you don’t keep running, you’ll never know if there’s a second wave of passion inside you.

We are all much more resilient than we think; this is an indisputable fact. We always have the capacity to give more love, to have more hope, to act with more passion. We simply do not walk our own path until we reach the point where we can see the response to these actions. We want results right away, and when we don’t see them, we give up. We let fatigue stop us. We get frustrated that we don’t get feedback, we assume that means we have to throw all the effort out the window.

Because there is a truth that no one likes to admit: none of us can live every day with enthusiasm. We are all tired. Sometimes we get discouraged. And through these emotions, we are allowed to move forward. Being tired doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference, just because you’re tired of the life you live. Every person you admire has gone through times when they felt completely defeated in pursuit of their dreams. But this did not stop them from achieving their dreams. You have the luxury of stumbling slowly in pursuit of big changes. It doesn’t always have to be a stunning, dizzying transformation.

Some parts of life are lived in silence. They develop slowly. They are formed by the small, careful choices we make every day. In order for these changes to occur, we need to give ourselves time. To be able to watch their evolution. To avoid being left with hopeless disappointment.

When you’re tired, go slowly. Go quietly. Go shy. But don’t stop. You are tired for very good reasons. You are tired; because you have to be. You are tired; because you are creating a change. You’re tired for all the right reasons, and that’s nothing more than a signal to keep going. You are tired; because you are growing. And one day, this evolution will pave the way for exactly the innovation you need.


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