Quizzes and virtual tours: more opportunities to learn English with Novakid |  Mother

Quizzes and virtual tours: more opportunities to learn English with Novakid | Mother

Recently, learning English has become even more interesting. High-tech platform Novakid has launched new programs for children that combine speaking with native speakers, creative tasks and communication with virtual reality tools.

Would you like to compete with your benchmate in English grammar and vocabulary?

Competitions have always been fun for kids. Kids also love to be rewarded. Novakid combined the game with the lesson. Thus, children not only enjoy the lesson, but are also encouraged to learn better. Expressing her views on the subject, Novakid’s chief methodologist Amy Krolevetskaya said: “This format is a proven format as we see progress in children’s language learning. We think that the success of this format comes largely from games and other competitions.”

Natural intonation instead of transcription

Novakid experts say that one of the most important indicators of grammar is not the ability to use words correctly and form sentences from them; He believes that there are accent, that is, voice and intonation elements. In this way, students can enter an English-speaking environment without fear, speak correctly from an early age, pronounce words without an accent, and immediately apply them in their dialogues. To provide these at Novakid, students; The games are supported by a virtual classroom with VR (Virtual Reality) tours and interactive tasks.

Live communication instead of memorization

Novakid uses a communicative training approach with IT tools that enables faster results than traditional methods. For example, it includes facial expressions and movements that help students understand new words. It applies a modern and blended phonetic approach that enables students to improve their reading skills and start reading faster. A digital pen is used to improve students’ writing skills. All this takes place in a colorful game room and successful students are rewarded.

Quiz instead of homework

“Is there any homework education?” If the question comes to your mind, let’s explain it immediately. Of course there is homework at Novakid! But doing homework is optional. No one gets low grades for not doing their homework, but students who do their homework are rewarded.

Education at Novakid takes place one-on-one with teachers. Lessons are conducted by native speakers and they do not speak Turkish. Teachers from 20 different countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, South Africa, Philippines, have an American or British accent. Novakid teachers are qualified teachers with a higher education diploma or equivalent certificates. They constantly improve their skills and they definitely have online teaching experience.

Any chance to try Novakid?

Of course! You can try all technologies used in Novakid for free. You can sign up for a free beginner course and see how the program at this online school differs from similar schools. http://www.novakid.com.tr

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