Questions you can ask when playing truth or dare

Questions you can ask when playing truth or dare

The classic game “Truth or Dare?” It can help you get to know your closest friends or partner better. One day you spend time at home, you may burst into laughter with the answers you receive by asking them these questions or you can have unforgettable experiences with what you do to show your courage!

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To play truth or dare, we usually gather around a round mesa. A bottle is put in the middle of the table and this bottle is turned over. The person at one end of the bottle says to the other person, “Truth or dare?” directs the question. Depending on the answer, either a question is asked or the person is given a task that requires courage to do.

1- What would you do first if you were invisible?

2- What is your biggest secret that you keep from everyone?

3- Who was the last person you stalked on social media?

4- If you had three wishes, what would you use them for?

5- If the lottery hit you tomorrow, what would be the first thing you would buy?

6- What lie would you tell to sow someone?

7- To whom and what did you lie last?

8- Describe the most embarrassing moment of first meeting.

9- What are the 5 things you will take with you if you fall on a deserted island?

10- When was the last time you cried for what?

12- If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

13- If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

14- What was the strangest dream you have ever had?

15- What is your biggest fear?

16- What do you think are people’s biggest misconceptions about you?

17- Have you ever lied to escape from an environment you do not like?

18- What did you regret that you spent money for the last time?

19- Tell about the best / worst day of your life.

20- If you were to replace someone at this table and live his life, who would it be?

1- Let someone from this table tweet / Instagram post for you.

2- Let someone from this table text someone for you.

3- Fake someone from this table, but don’t tell who it is.

4- Dance with your own choreography in front of everyone.

5- Call a family member and make a joke that will scare him / her very much.

6- Stand in plank position for a minute.

7- Share a photo that you think turns out to be very bad on social media.

8- Read aloud the last 5 messages you posted.

9- Tell the characteristics of the people at the table that you do not like most.

10- Like one of the oldest Instagram posts of the person you like.

11- Share one true and one false information about it. Let those at the table guess which one is correct.

12- Show your secret talent.

13- Dial a random number and tell the other person a joke.

14- Gift one of your favorite clothes to a friend.

15- Call your ex and tell him that you miss him very much.

16- Give his phone to someone at this desk and he will answer the messages / calls all day long.

17- Sing your favorite song from beginning to end in front of everyone.

18- Answer the first 5 stories that appear on Instagram.

19- Do whatever the table says for the next 5 minutes.

20- Wear only to the taste of your friends for a day.

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