Put a notebook at your bedside …

Put a notebook at your bedside …

We are going through a difficult period in which human relations are restricted, we cannot go out and we stay distant from life. The coronavirus is testing our psychology as well as taking away our social relationships. Did you think that an ancient habit could be extremely beneficial against the troubles, anxiety and stress in our minds? Put a notebook on your bedside and pour out a few lines before going to bed. We are not talking about keeping a diary, one of the indispensable ones of the early youth, and the articles that start with “Dear Diary” and describe the day. This notebook is not a diary, it is much more. Since the invention of ink, people have poured their thoughts on paper. This psychologically mind-emptying process reduces the level of anxiety, helps us control fear, allows us to get rid of negative thoughts, and is an excellent way of clearing thoughts.

It can solve the problem of sleep

Choosing the hours before going to bed to write in the notebook is a very effective way to solve sleep disorders that can be caused by excessive thought and anxiety. Almost all of us take our thoughts with us everywhere. However, the hours we are alone with our own mind before going to sleep are the times when it is not possible to escape from those thoughts. Our thoughts that we push aside during the day by occupying ourselves at work, at home, with children, exercise, and in all sorts of ways, leave their corners just before sleep. This is one of the leading causes of sleep problems.

I have to

When we turn off the lights, a list of important things we have to do appears in our mind.

I have to pay the bills.

I have to call this person.

I have to write here.

I’ll do this on Friday.

I forgot to do this.

Writing these items and closing the notebook means they all get out of your mind, and you can go to sleep without feeling the pressure of the list.

Close the day

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are separate time zones. Our mind draws the line between them. When you wake up in the morning, forgetting that this is a new day and carrying the burden of yesterday is extremely heavy. For this reason, writing a few words and lines in the bedside book and closing the previous day makes us realize that we are living in the moment. We can avoid carrying the past on our back.

Open the day

To record your dreams not only before you go to bed, but also when you wake up. A little notebook and pen at your bedside are enough to bring the practice of meditative writing, which Julia Cameron calls morning pages, to life. Julia Cameron calls this app “brain drain”. You can write 3 pages non-stop by waking up in the morning, or even starting to write without a full sober, for all kinds of thoughts that are spinning in your mind and often repeat themselves without ever reaching. There is also the possibility that it will silence the sandwich maker in you, clear the flow of your mind and awaken the artist in you.

How else is it used?

You can think of the notebook as a place where you can get rid of all the negative emotions and burdens that exist. You can pour out your thoughts and feelings as they are, and tell your dreams. The notebook on your bedside table is a tool designed to get rid of the uncomfortable thoughts that have accumulated in your mind before sleep, and to write on paper and forget instead of trying to sleep by turning left and right in the bed.

What can be written in the bedside book?

* Next day to-do list.

* Works done today

* Forget about it!

* Today’s best moment

* What is left of today?

* Or, if you have any topic that is turning around on your mind, you can write whatever you have about it without judging yourself, hesitating, saying nonsense or shame.

Knowing that someone else will not read your notebook and even if you do not read it will help you write uncensored.

Keep it simple

Our thoughts flow much faster than the speed we write them. Keeping up with each of them is much more difficult than we anticipated. The heavier and the more space a thought takes up in your mind, the more words it spills out. But some can only be thrown away with words. Set your time, keep it simple, and if it’s just a word, it’s just a word.

Is a notebook essential? What about technology?

Writing with paper and pencil has a psychologically relaxing effect. Especially when we see thoughts on paper, our brain thinks that they can now be forgotten because they are being recorded. The same goes for the notebook of the mobile phone, of course. You can keep a diary on your tablet and computer. Remember that the bedside notebook is a symbolic concept. We only use it to clear the mind, prepare for sleep and relieve the stress of the previous day, of course there will be no difference between using paper or a keyboard.

Don’t spend too much time

Keeping this exercise simple, taking it short, and closing the notebook (or tablet) are important steps to achieve its purpose. You can write them all down to get rid of your thoughts, but keeping your notes short and closing the diary in about 5 minutes is more important in terms of achieving its goal. Because the aim is to have a good sleep and wake up to a lighter morning …

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