Pregnancy psychological preparation advice |  Pregnancy

Pregnancy psychological preparation advice | Pregnancy

Many women who decide to conceive tend towards a healthier life by establishing a new diet, taking various vitamins and starting to exercise, but psychological preparation for the pregnancy process, which includes physical as well as mental changes, is often neglected.

Psychological preparation for the pregnancy process will make it easier for you to cope with unexpected situations when they occur, and it will also make it easier for you to be more comfortable, more enjoyable and therefore healthier during the pregnancy journey, which can be quite bumpy from time to time.

When preparing psychologically for pregnancy, you first need to be informed about what awaits you. Search the right resources, interview experts and even watch documentaries to learn about pregnancy. We think we know how a baby is formed, how it develops in the womb, and how it is born, but we are surprised when we learn many details. The key is to get the right resources.

Knowing how your body will change during pregnancy and what symptoms you may experience makes it easier for you to prepare for them. Before you decide to listen to the experiences of the people around you, be very careful, stay away from people who will drag you into the dark with their negative experiences!

Will your partner be able to support you during pregnancy? If so, what kind of support will you need? If you have a hard time, who would you want to call? Take a look at the people around you and your relatives and start creating a ‘pregnancy support group’ for yourself. Even if you encounter minor problems in the process, having someone you know will be able to call and give you good advice. To know how your family and partner can support this process, try talking to them before getting pregnant.

Meditation is great for everyone, but it is impossible to describe in words how important it is, especially during pregnancy and motherhood!

Meditation is simply ‘the art of being in the now. It protects you from being caught in various thoughts, teaches you to be able to exist now, in the present, as you are, and to be able to breathe no matter what. At the same time, the practice of meditation allows you to relax physically. During meditation, you release happiness hormones and your stress hormone levels drop significantly. Starting to meditate before getting pregnant can be one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Taking some time each day to listen to your breath, relax and purify your mind makes it easier to do this in stressful moments when you need it most, and it makes it easier to cope with challenges.

Apart from the benefits during pregnancy, improving your meditation practice will bring you many benefits during childbirth as well. Mastering your mind to stop and relax will make it easier for you to relax at birth and therefore increase your chances of a more natural, calmer and enjoyable birthing experience.

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