Practical recipes for suhoor!  |  Life

Practical recipes for suhoor! | Life

Simit is one of the favorite flavors of Turkish people. You can prepare the bagel, which is usually consumed with cheese and tea, in completely different ways. A practical recipe especially for sahur dishes.

Egg Bagel hpreparation

Cut the bagel in half in the middle. Fry the bagel in the butter you melted in the pan until it turns color. Break the egg in the middle of the bagel. Add the grated cheddar and black pepper to the sesame corners. Cover it with a lid and cook the egg to the consistency you like. Bon Appetit.

Potato chips in the toaster

Another practical recipe for sahur is potato chips in the toaster! You will want to keep this practical and delicious recipe for yourself! A recipe as cool as it is delicious!

Potato chips in the toaster materials for

Potato chips in the toaster preparation of

Grate the potatoes and cheese. Add some salt, black pepper and olive oil and mix. Spread the greaseproof paper on the toaster. Place the mixture evenly on oiled paper and cook for 15 minutes.

Lean zucchini patty

We love every aspect of the juggernaut! If you avoid frying, skim squash pancakes are at least as cool as potato chips. This time we will bake the muffin.

Ingredients for lean pumpkin pie

Preparation of

Grate all the ingredients. Add eggs, baking powder and flour and bake in 180 degree oven for 25 minutes.

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