Practical kitchen tips |  Life

Practical kitchen tips | Life

We continue to spend our time at home and of course in the kitchen at full speed! I saw that this is where we spend most of our time these days, so I thought why not include more suggestions. I added items not only on food, but also on topics such as storage space and cleaning, so that our time in the kitchen will be much more efficient. You know, I also look at everything from the time management side. Then how about sharing the points that you decided to try after reading or that you have already applied?

Cleaning mix

Especially if you stay away from chemicals and are still looking for an effective cleaning material, the water and vinegar mix is ​​just what you might want! You can use this duo, which you will mix in half, in many areas from countertops to floor wiping.

Able to peel potatoes easily

Put the potatoes in boiling water for 30 seconds and then drop them into a bowl of cold water. After 30 seconds you can easily peel the potatoes by hand without any tools.

frozen plants

If you often include herbs in your meals, how about freezing the herbs you want to use with olive oil in ice cubes? When you want to use it, it is possible to add it directly to your food as an ice tray without having to do anything extra.

Keep the greens fresher

To extend the shelf life of greens such as parsley or dill, you can wrap them in a damp paper towel and keep them in a storage container. In this way, the holding times will be extended by about four more days.

Alternative to eggs

If you don’t have eggs left at home or don’t want to use eggs in your recipes, try bananas instead, especially for desserts. Because 1/2 mashed banana equals approximately 1/4 cup of egg.

The art of keeping spices

Take care to store the spices in a cool, dark place as much as possible. Because heat, light and humidity can cause spices to lose their flavor very quickly.

Expand your storage

You may not want to be high for your kitchen cabinet and pile everything up. At this point, you can create more and more organized space for yourself by getting support from the shelf risers.

Give chance to forgotten episodes

The cabinet sides actually offer us quite large areas suitable for evaluation. Isn’t it the perfect place to store kitchen utensils like a strainer or cutting boards with little hangers?

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