Positive thinking, antidote to illnesses |  Health

Positive thinking, antidote to illnesses | Health

Personal Development Specialist Turhan Güldaş said that it is necessary to be mentally resistant to the Corona epidemic. Stating that we should not stop thinking positively, Turhan Güldaş pointed out that physical resistance against the virus is a must, as well as mentally, we need to increase our resistance.

The common thought of those who write mantras is that while they feel physically resistant, they also feel psychologically strong. Psychological problems, self-confidence, obsession disappear with mantras. We are in a time when we should not panic and stay calm. This mood is exactly what we need right now. You can use the energy of the mantra to get away from stress and anxiety.

Unfortunately; We had become an egoistic society. We had become a society that was insatiable, always wanted more, did not appreciate what we had, and was not grateful. We have painfully realized what a great blessing it is to be healthy, fit, happy and peaceful. We differed. Have you realized that the greatest wealth is health?

The corona pandemic has also reminded us that we are a nation and that we need to think of others. It hit us in the face like a slap. We must learn to respect each other. We do not live alone in this world. Illness in another part of the world is hitting us too. Hunger elsewhere will hit us too. We will learn to share, listen, empathize, we must learn. We are not alone in the universe. There are other creatures in the universe. Let’s respect them. Let’s respect nature. Our children will also live in this world. Let’s think of others as much as we think of our own life when sneezing and coughing. Let’s realize being WE.

All people in the world are related to each other. The coronavirus made us realize this as well. There is also sharing among the positive benefits of the mantra. That’s why we called it WE. Today we are creating a more perfect US. Let’s notice. Let’s notice our neighbors, those on the bus, our relatives, the people on the subway, those living in another country… We are all related to each other. Everything in the world reflects on us. Disease, love, respect, energy, money … If the world is happy, we will get our share of this happiness. Then it has to be shared. Share your love, your energy, even your money… Share it so that it will multiply and return to you.

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