Phthalates are among the things that harm the baby during pregnancy

Phthalates are among the things that harm the baby during pregnancy

Phthalate (or phthalate) is defined as a class of chemicals added to plastic products to provide flexibility and softness. Phthalates are widely used in many products used in daily life themselves or in their packaging. Phthalates as color and fragrance are found in many cosmetic products, toys, adhesives, cleaners such as detergents and soaps, nail polishes, room fragrances, and personal care products such as shampoos. The dispersion potentials in the environment vary according to the pH of the environment, contact time, storage temperature, and chemical structure. From the harms of phthalate When mentioned, phthalate in the environment is shown to be associated with asthma and wheezing in children. It is said that phthalate causes obesity, headache, cough, impairs reproductive functions and is among the causes of infertility. Phthalate-like effects The harms of BPA Among them, besides the effects on bone development, diseases such as breast cancer are listed.

While it may sometimes seem difficult to avoid phthalates and similar chemicals altogether, turning to products and packaging made from natural materials as much as possible is shown as one of the ways to be less exposed to phthalates. A new study revealed the effects of these compounds on unborn babies. Fortunately, avoiding toxins during pregnancy is possible in these ways.

Exposure to phthalates are known to affect normal hormone function and development. Harm of phthalates reproductive system disorders, infertility, hormonal and developmental disorders are listed. In a new study, scientists investigated the effects of exposure of pregnant women to phthalates on their babies. As a result of the experiments, it was found that cognitive functions were affected in the babies of women who were exposed to a certain amount of phthalate during pregnancy.

The study, reported in the journal Neurotoxicology, followed the effects of hormone-disrupting chemicals on the physical and behavioral development of children from birth to middle childhood. Large-scale research has looked at the effects of both prenatal chemical exposure and mother’s psychosocial stress on children’s growth and development. “Prenatal exposure to phthalates and cognitive functions have been previously studied,” said Shantz, a researcher. But most of this research focuses on early and middle childhood. ” said. Several variables were included in the study, including birth weight, gestational age, and infant intake. In in-depth experiments, plastics exposed in the womb Their effects on attention and memory functions in infants and young children were investigated.

In the experiment, the speed of processing new information and attention skills of babies who were exposed to phthalates excessively in the womb were evaluated. If it’s for from pregnant women regularly collected phthalate samples were examined. The difference in cognitive functions was examined even in babies aged 7.5 months, who were too young to express themselves verbally. According to the results, it was determined that the babies of women who were exposed to a certain amount of phthalates during pregnancy were affected. Scientists once again warned expectant mothers about the use of plastic products, especially those that come into contact with heat. Another remarkable result of the study is that the effect of phthalates especially in male babies. According to the results, male infants exposed to higher concentrations of phthalates, which are known to affect male sex hormones, tended to process information more slowly.

BPAs are more effective on girls

Another group of chemicals that is as controversial as phthalates is BPAs. A common chemical used to harden plastics Bisphenol ABy imitating estrogen, it interferes with the body’s endocrine system and disrupts the functioning of the endocrine glands. It can be found in a wide variety of products, such as some plastic water bottles and linings of metal cans. Exposure to BPAs can suppress a gene that is vital for nerve cell function and central nervous system development. The thing that has the most impact on how much BPA is released is the temperature of the liquid put into it. It gives information about the type and content of the plastic used. You can read this article for information about the numbers under plastic products.

After the damages of BPAs have recently emerged, many companies BPA free He introduced products such as drinkers, pacifiers, bottles, teether or made statements that their products did not contain BPA. Besides these BPA free Kitchen supplies such as refrigerator bags, storage containers and thermos have also come to the fore. Similar to Bisphenol A used to increase the strength of polycarbonate-based plastics Bisfenol S BPS, which is a different form of BPA, is also known with similar damages. Mothers and fathers with babies The harms of BPA Although the use of BPA in baby products has been banned since 2011, experts Products containing BPS also warns about. Click here for advice on products to buy while shopping for baby!

A study of the neurological effects of BPAs discussed whether exposure to BPA had different effects by gender. According to the results, it was clear that although both male and female neurons were affected by BPA, female neurons were more susceptible to BPA toxicity. The findings suggest that those with a severe autism spectrum disorder only seen in girls. RIGHT Sendromu It also suggested whether BPAs have a share in neurodevelopmental disorders such as. Rett syndrome is a neurological disorder seen only in girls. Following the normal development in the first five months after birth, the baby’s head gradually stops growing and the head diameter decreases. Rett syndrome symptoms Typical hand gestures, as well as cessation of using the hands for a specific purpose. Before the baby reaches his first year, his social communication is impaired and if he started walking before the age of 1, his walking is also impaired. Speech delay or an inability to develop speech are among the symptoms seen in Rett syndrome.

Compiled and translated by: Senem Tahmaz

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