People who make their bed are more well-groomed

People who make their bed are more well-groomed

According to a study on sleep in America, there are several contrasts between the characters of those who make their bed every morning and those who leave it untidy. Those who make their bed are called “morning people”. Unlike “night owls” who go to sleep by repeatedly turning off their alarms, they wake up at once with an alarm or wake up on their own without using an alarm. On average, this group wakes up 16 minutes earlier than others. While the average sleep time was the same as 6.5 hours in both groups, the sleep quality of the group that did not make the bed was lower.

There are also differences in daytime sleep. When they want to take a nap during the day, people who have the habit of making their bed sleep an average of 50 minutes, while the other group sleeps an average of 43 minutes. It is noteworthy that those who make their beds are more comfortable in maintaining self-discipline, although more research is needed to understand the connection between the way they make their bed and their personality types.

According to the recommendation of the American Sleep Academy and Society for Sleep Research, at least 7 hours of sleep is recommended for adults.

According to the results of the research, those who make their beds mostly work in the fields of health and technology. They stand out with their adventurous, self-confident, self-care and sociable features. Those who do not make up their beds, on the other hand, work mostly in the field of accounting, although it may seem like a contradiction. In this group, those who are not involved in business life were determined as the people with the most shy, pessimistic and anxious personality traits. Those who make their beds mostly prefer jazz music and romantic movies. Those who do not make their beds mostly prefer rock music and comedies. Although there are different personal tastes in different societies, making your bed is a universal way to start the day. In this respect, their bed tidying behavior seems to be linked to some pleasures as well.

According to a study by the National Sleep Association in America, people who make their beds are up to 19% more likely to get a better night’s sleep than others. It is estimated that there is a positive correlation between feeling what kind of environment you are sleeping in and a good night’s sleep.


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