Our ties and loyalties in the coronavirus quarantine

Our ties and loyalties in the coronavirus quarantine

Humans are beings that live by forming complex bonds with each other. Each of us affects each other. We are connected to each other through the communications we establish, and this bond is constantly changing. In the process of coronavirus quarantine and the obligation to live in isolation, the human devotion to human has once again come to light. Perhaps we realized that we needed communication more than we did not realize.

We are not independent

It was the coronavirus that reminded us that we are not independent of the flow of life and the world around us. We saw that we could not break the bond between us and the world, and we could not pull the plugs. We are closely connected with everything that happens. Although we think of ourselves as independent individuals, we are all in danger when one of us is in danger.

Relationships require communication

Dr. A very popular study by John Gottman reveals how much people interact with each other in healthy relationships. If we cannot hear the feelings and needs of the other person, we suffer. We need to embrace bonds with each other in order to thrive.

Our commitments are fragile

We realized how fragile the bonds we establish in social society can actually be. We learned how many people around a single coronavirus positive person can infect a single crowded environment. We suddenly started making pasta stocks, and a terrible panic took over our social society. While we were stocking the pasta, we weren’t thinking of the people behind that might need one of these packages.

From bats to people

In the wider ecological environment, the intermingling of habitats has caused ecosystem degradation. Animals such as bats entered our habitats in search of food and carried diseases such as Ebola, to which the human body is not immune. After Ebola, which killed more than 11 thousand people in West Africa, this time COVID 19 moved. The thoughtless destruction of nature and the aggressive ambitions of humankind for the sake of obtaining their own needs and desires have led to the breakdown of our bonds and attachments to each other. Now we have harmed ourselves with our previous actions.

We forgot we were part of the world

While we still have an opportunity, we can realize that we are part of a larger network called the world. We still have time to see the presence of someone who does not have health insurance, cannot go to the hospital, cannot see a doctor on time, does not know what the disease he carries, and transmits it to people around him in public transport, at home, at work. We can see how much the consequences of a person’s poverty affect society as a whole. Instead of questioning people who went to work while sick, we can try to understand the concerns of people who need that money.

Nothing is independent

According to many ancient beliefs, the world, all people and animals, plants and atmosphere, everything is interconnected. We have seen that the health system being equitable and accessible for all can profoundly affect the health of the entire social community. When a person takes good care of the nature around him and himself, it actually means taking good care of his entire environment, everything he is connected to, from those around him to the planet. Because actually everything around us, including our planet, is extremely fragile.

Let’s not distract ourselves

In a period when it is not possible to entertain ourselves with the social activities we are used to, we can feed our inner world. It is now much easier to reach methods such as meditation and yoga that help people become aware of their inner world. Videos, books and documents are available online. We can do more than just read a book and put it aside, we can research a little, call our friends, express our ideas, and continue to communicate with the help of technology while we still have time.

Find out what matters

Today, the process we are in may be the right time to find out what is important in our lives. What feeds us? What do we like? Remember that we are all together in this business, we can come out of here as a renewed community. We can become aware of our bonds and commitments to each other.


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