Our shadow sides and gifts |  Life

Our shadow sides and gifts | Life

Hello dear brother,

Today I will try to write to you about a very important work that you can do to get to know yourself better. Because the souls who have managed to know themselves the most, can continue to stay on the road with unending determination. I wrote in the last article; the road is always to ourselves … Let’s remember!

Have you ever thought about its own enlightenment as a species that has lived for millions of years in an order founded on the war of light and darkness? How is it possible to attain light within yourself? I have been thinking about these issues for a long time. I confessed to you that I am working with my shadows… I want to make it understandable for you, too.

One should first start with understanding what I am saying. Then he should meet all the parts of BEN … Shadow sides and from our creation natural gifts

Yes, everyone has. Isn’t that amazing? While the Creator has limited our understanding of duality in the three-dimensional world, WAYIt gave the signals to you that you have to get out of yourself first. All Sufism scholars, yogis, Star Wars characters first explored the darkness within themselves. Because it is not possible to go to light without knowing the darkness. Behind him is LIGHT… Behind him is a great paradise where you can establish your own kingdom!

Verse 62 of the Quran Furkan Surah says: “And for those who want to remember, that is, to thank, He is the one who makes the day and night come one after another (as a sign of his existence and oneness).

This huge universe design that puts the evil in good, the good in evil and shows us that the two are basically the same thing, that they are ONE, UNITY to US I don’t know what more he can do to tell. What do you think, brother, when you know that everything that you try to distinguish from yourself, judge, despise and despise, but everything actually exists in yourself (when you know it is not enough, if you can realize)?[1]

Let’s come to the shadow sideways… We all have a few of them. Some of us with their Perfectionist identity, some of us with their conservative, overstuffing identity or Ambitious, Distant, Judgmental, Appreciating sub identities … Shadows… Our darkness that prevents us from hearing the voice of our SELF every time, causing us not to let it flow, and to have problems of trust and control… Because of these darknesses we create, we cannot behave from our SELF identity. Let’s notice bro!

I have been working more closely with this staff lately. I want to distinguish the sounds. Because there is a very strong motivator that affects each of them. He or they are there … Because of a choice I make, my stereotyped behavioral model or social coding …

If I give an example for understanding, I would like to see my adorable Tasmanian Devil who is constantly struggling.[2] I will have to explain.

Who is that?

She is cute, cute, extremely fast, ready to be appreciated by taking charge of many jobs at the same time, a ball of sweet energy. A reactive trend; It is one of my shadow sides that spends most of my effort and has a say over my self-identity! We have been working with him for a few years. However, if he works hard, if he spends every moment to the fullest, he feels that he is alive and valuable as a result of these studies. It has become more visible since I noticed it. The more I try to separate him from my authentic SELF, the more justified his existence is! he seeks to prove me the reasons. Now I know what to do, when it came out, my dear brother. Even now (as per the law of attraction) I am living myself in Ged’s battle with the Shadow while reading The Wizard of Earthsea from Ursula K. Le Guin. If you haven’t read the book, I think you should definitely read it when you decide to study this field! (This literary analysis requires a completely different writing, I keep it in the novel studio I just started.) But I cannot stop quoting a sentence from the book: “The word is in silence, the light is in the dark, life is dying; The hawk shines as it flies across the empty sky. “

Where does the issue get knotted?

I believe in my Tasmanian Devil so much that I am so addicted to its results that I have a hard time quitting. It does a lot of work in a short time, reaches everywhere, knows everything and is important to many people! And these are all things that I have a hard time letting go for now, but I think I’m determined to come to a balance on this topic. Because now I realize what I sacrificed to have them.

My heart is constantly living in my mouth, my blood pressure is rising, my breathing becomes narrow and I never stop. Often I have unbalanced energy distributions. The body reminds me again, the system gives a voice. The transformation starts there. My Essence comes into play and it reminds me of the confidence in the flow and life already in my design, the lack of control and the harmony of the universe in the perfect chaos. My SELF said, “Let go, Nihan, let it be. Everything happens in the divine time as it should be, ”he says. How is this voice comforting me, if you only knew my brother. But I can’t always hear your voice easily. Tasmanian Devil is very fast, his voice is also loud, sweetly fooling me mostly.

So what’s the solution?

It is not possible to come to light by ignoring him or other shadow sides like him. Because I learned that they will give their gifts only when I see them and embrace them. Now I realize faster the arrival of my Tasmanian Devil. I observe my emotions, listen to the voices in me and take note of my daily emotional release. I am serious. I started my meditations again. I try to calm my inner tempo with deep breaths, focusing on only one task at a time. It really takes effort at first, brother. Do not let this discourage you, your shadow side may be completely different, but the subject of all of us is the same; As long as we cannot look at the issues from our balanced self and anchor in neutral emotions, the haste, anxiety, anger, jealousy, passion and envy will continue to emerge from within. It is these lower selves that experience negative emotions. The feeling of our SELF is always NEUTRAL. Its only purpose is to realize itself.

Recognizing these kinds of negatively inclined emotions is very valuable to be able to transform them. They all serve one thing. Behind plenty for brave souls IŞIK has. Just as I prefer the benefit of my sweet monster’s results-oriented behavior for fast runs to creating a wide range of influence over the long term… That sweet thing actually constantly overshadows one of my natural gifts, now I see it and choose to be free from it, brother. Of course, while making this choice, I thank him very much for the services he has provided me so far, but I am the boss. My SELF is always the most natural, most creative and EXACTLY, I remember it. As I remember this, the first thing that is one of the basic principles of coaching comes to my mind: “Everyone is creative, has their own resources and is complete …”

If you notice this kind of reactive tendency in one of your lower identities while reading this article, do you pay attention to when it appeared and what it often tells you, bro? You can even take notes daily like me. You can focus on what emotions it triggers in you. Then try to perceive its energy, its shape and diagram. It will be easier to make peace if you put it in a concrete form – maybe draw a picture. Then, if you’re ready, like me, you can say goodbye to him, thank him for his services, and remind him of who the boss is. Notice every event that you act with your SELF-Ego more until the next article, brother, because WE are all ONE there.

With love

Your brother Nihan

[1] In Mümkün Magazine, I am writing how I grasped the concept of UNITY once again through my own spiritual experience. The trip to Peru in September 2019 has details of one of the shamanic herbal healing techniques. An introductory article and continuation for those who want to read: mumkundergi.com/her-sey-mumkun – mumkundergi.com/peru-se walking distance-1

[2] Bugs Bunny and Tasmanian Devil (Turkish) – YouTube I strongly recommend watching this video. Because only when you see the energy of my side, which forces me to be fast at the expense of consuming, trying to do many things at the same time and gaining appreciation can be understood.

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