Our mothers and our reflections |  Mother

Our mothers and our reflections | Mother

Our mothers… Our first country… Our first stops of life where we exist and take root.

Just as; As in Nayyirah Waheed’s metaphorical discourse in Lands …

“My mother was my first country, the first place I ever lived…”

“Our mothers, ‘is our first country ‘ actually…”


At the same time, we are the reflections of our mothers …

Just like Halil Cibran stated: “The three most beautiful women in the world are my mother, her shadow and her reflection in the mirror.”

That’s why; Mothers are also the shadows of those reflections that make us who we are.

The sons and daughters who find life in their bodies and leave their bodies when the time comes, first brew in the shadow of their mothers and prepare for life …

Then… They become the shadows of their mothers, the reflection of their daughters and sons.


Means mother, ‘is inseparable ‘…

It means not being able to say goodbye when the time of death comes while living …

It is almost an avalanche of life in which we always feel their existence to the bone.

Mean mom ‘is not to forget’ same time…

Physically, if its name is separation, it means not being able to separate with umbilical cords and with their roots.

The first thing it takes root is to keep its first country, a part of it, alive in the heart of the puppy until its last breath.

That’s why it means mom ‘life itself’ means.


Because; means mom, what makes us, ‘ourselves‘ constituent ‘is yeast’ same time.

They are our first teachers they are also. These are the schools that we have not graduated from the moment we were born, grew up in our arms, knees, and then in our eyes.


To be a mother ‘not only to give birth, but also to labor, to love unconditionally‘ same time…

What we encounter in my journey of life, our teachers who add meaning to our values, are also those we hugged in the warmth of a mother.

Motherhood is a miracle that cannot be explained, all words are insufficient and its cycle will not stop… In fact, it is our roots that always live in our bodies.

That’s why every day is Mother’s Day for me.

The reflection of our values, our shadows in the mirror, dear mother, happy Mother’s Day to all beautiful mothers who are the reason for this special day.

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