“Orhan Veli’s poems came to the fore”

“Orhan Veli’s poems came to the fore”

Thursday, June 03, 2021

Do you like to listen to poetry?

And the poems of the great master Orhan Veli…

Orhan Veli’s seven poems, each more beautiful than the other, met with music, and poetry has been spoken to your ears in a familiar voice from your radios for many years.

TRT Radio 3’s beloved program producer and presenter, Ayşe Yavaş, sang 7 poems of our master poet Orhan Veli Kanık accompanied by 7 background music, the album “7 Poetry 7 Music”, which was recently released on all digital music platforms. The popular voice of the radio, Yavaş, met with poetry lovers with this first poetry album.

Yavas, whose passion for music started with the piano education he received at a young age, continued his music education uninterruptedly in the following years and graduated from the Music Sciences Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Dokuz Eylul University. His passion for radio and radio broadcasting, which started during his university years, has been an indispensable and inseparable part of Ayşe Yavaş’s life since those years. In 1993, he started professional radio broadcasting at TRT İzmir Radio. Slow, who has been successfully producing and presenting many classical music programs since those years, continues to meet with music lovers via radio with the programs “Muzik Dile Gelse” and “Allegro” broadcast on TRT Radio-3.

Ayşe Yavaş, who has been indispensable to radio listeners with her beautiful voice for more than 25 years, tells how her first poetry album came about and what is curious.

“The idea of ​​​​voicing a poem came about when all humanity had to stay in their homes when the global epidemic started. All musicians and artists started to bring their online events, which they held in their own homes, together with their listeners through social media channels. As a woman who is in love with voice-over and presentation, I started reading and sharing poems on my social media account on the platform I prepared at home. Poetry is like the art of speaking and the medicine of literature. No harm comes to anyone who reads poetry who loves poetry I was reading a poem every week. I am still reading. In a short time, I realized that the poems I read on social media attracted a lot of attention. At the beginning, my only goal was to combine the healing power of poetry and music in these pessimistic days, to be a hope and to make everyone love poetry.

The positive reactions from both listeners and professional people were increasing day by day. During a conversation with a music producer friend of ours and a record company manager, the saying, “Ms. Ayşe, if you release an album with your voice, it would make a lot of noise” reinforced this thought that already existed in my mind. With the support given to me by my friends, listeners and professionals, “Why not?” We started working on the first album.

The reason for choosing Orhan Veli for his first album is because I think that the works of master poets such as Orhan Veli and Nâzım Hikmet almost dance together with music. The fact that I memorize these master’s works much easier for this reason also has an effect. Because you read the poems as if you are singing. Just as you can easily hum catchy melodies, you read and remember these poems as well. Also, Orhan Veli; As Cemal Süreya said; He is the poet who lowered the bed of the river to a natural bed. He transfers the saying of the man in the street into the language of poetry. He is the chainbreaker and open-air poet of Turkish poetry. He is known as the poet who puts a cap on poetry. And also, his passing away from us at a very young age of thirty-six has always deeply saddened me. That’s why I wanted to read and share his poems.

The reason why I chose the name “7 Poems and 7 Music” for the album, I wanted to have a poem for every day of the week. Background music is as important as the poem itself. Since I have a musician identity and the music that will remain in the background in poetry is very important, we prepared 7 very special music for 7 poems. The texture and tones of the music should match the emotion of the poem you are reading. For this reason, my musician friends Ufuk Algan and Ali Şehir have been a light to me on this issue. They created all the background music themselves. This album was a first, with new music being made for the poems that I will read, not the ready-made music.

Of course, my heart would like to release this work of mine as a CD and that my work be tangible. But nobody goes to the music store and buys CDs. Everyone is listening to everything digitally. For this reason, we adapted it to the times and delivered the album to our listeners via digital platforms. I continue to get really good responses. This gives me the courage to make another poetry album for later. With my team, we started to work on making albums with the taste of an auditory poetry anthology, with poems belonging to a single poet in each album. We will have another great poet next. And the project that lies in my heart is to realize a project in which poetry and music will dance in harmony, in a concert concept where I will interact with poetry lovers and music lovers one-on-one for this newly released album.

It would not be wrong to say that this album work is the fruit of years filled with music, poetry and art.

In addition to being a pianist and radio broadcaster, Yavaş has worked as a teacher and trainer in both public and private institutions in his professional career, believing that the seeds of music will be planted at a very early age for children, the guarantee of the future. In addition to being a slow piano instructor, he also served as the director of many private choirs in Izmir.

In addition to his identity as a radio broadcaster, Yavaş also writes his interviews with musicians for radio programs, and his articles and interviews are published in various magazines and newspapers.

You will embark on a different journey while listening to the beautiful poems of Orhan Veli, with Ayşe Yavaş’s voice familiar to your ears and caressing your soul.

You can listen to Ayşe Yavaş’s album “7 Poems 7 Music” on all digital music platforms.

Stay healthy, with poetry and music…

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