Number sequences to get rid of problems

Number sequences to get rid of problems

Grigori Grabovoi, who has two patented inventions, is an internationally working professor with a PhD in both mathematics and physics. Grabovoi, who received his last academic title for his work on “Security of highly complex objects”, presents the teachings he has developed to the world with various training modules. Defining his teachings as science, Grabovoi aims to protect humanity and the world from possible global disasters and contribute to the harmonious development of people with his work.

The teachings developed by Grabovoi suggest that events can be controlled using conscious concentration methods. From smoking addiction to financial problems, from phobias to exam stress and success, from self-confidence to acne and sleep disorders. It brings solutions to problems by offering number sequences for many fields. Grabovoi Trainer, Sociologist and Family Counselor Hande Karamanoğlu We talked to him and learned from him sequences of numbers that can be used in various problems.

Grabovoi argues that a change in thoughts at the conscious level will also bring about a change in one’s life. In order to realize this change, studies are carried out with number sequences, formulas and consciousness concentration exercises. Thus, he states that each individual can achieve their wishes and goals with their own thought control. These methods are not valid for requests that do not benefit the whole.

Hande Karamanoğlu, one of the sub-teachers of this teaching, which is transmitted through international certification, in the seminars she held with her 18 years of corporate life experience. number sequences and shares his methods of concentration of consciousness. Number sequences are given in various seminar modules and methods of activating them are shared.

What is the main purpose of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi? What does this system promise us?

Grabovoi’s teachings have two main purposes: The first purpose is to protect people and the world from possible global catastrophes. The other is to contribute to the development of people with a creative harmonious development system, and to live a happier and healthier life where they can achieve their goals. In line with these goals, Grabovoi offers different methods in many fields from economy to health, from control methods to education. Grabovoi’s methods have been tested over and over again with tangible results. These methods allow people to control events in their lives and heal themselves by using their consciousness through their thoughts. In other words, this system promises people endless development, endless health, endless creativity, financial development. But it all depends on one’s own personal and spiritual development.

“We have all of them in our codes, but we have forgotten them. We can prevent or control the disasters and accidents that may occur in our environment” is remarkable. Can number sequences enable to control events?

Yes, we have this information in our codes because we are all created in the image of God. There are miracles in the natural workings of the world. However, the barriers, restrictions in our heads, beliefs we receive from the collective consciousness or in our subconscious prevent these miracles from happening. Therefore, it is possible to both prevent global disasters and provide personal development, and as I said, this is the basis of science. Nothing is impossible in Grabovoi: 519 7148.

We can control events as we want, not only with number sequences, but also with the control methods we perform at the conscious level.

Could you elaborate a little on your methods of consciously controlling events? What determines how much results can be achieved? To concentrate?

In the Grabovoi system, we define our wishes and intentions as control targets. So we can control our goals if we want enough. There are many different consciousness concentration exercises to do this. By adopting one or more of these control methods, you can work towards the realization of your different control goals. Moreover, these exercises do not require a meditative state, you can do your exercises at any time of the day, even in a community, with just a few minutes of concentration, without anyone noticing. In getting the results of these control methods; Doing the work regularly until the goal is achieved, wanting your goal from the heart and believing in your goal, doing it with your soul and your level of awareness are effective.

Can these applications be used to support medical treatments?

First of all, I would like to emphasize that; control methods do not represent any medical treatment in the traditional sense and therefore absolutely no available medical treatment should be limited or modified by these methods. These methods can be used to normalize all events, including health, and are educational and supportive only. The person who applies or communicates these methods to himself or to others acts at his own risk.

What are number sequences? What do they have sequences for?

Grabovoi names each energy, each of the numerical sequences corresponding to each problem, a sequence. Each sequence has its own unique vibration. In the Grabovoi teachings, one normalizes the distorted energies by repeating these numbers with certain techniques. In other words, the vibrations emitted by the repetition of the sequences change the distorted energies at the level of the chromosomes, creating change and improvement in consciousness. I can say that there is a number sequence that corresponds to almost every subject you can think of, from diseases to psychological issues, from work to money. We are talking about a science involving thousands of sequences of numbers.

Can you share some sequence examples? For example, Covid-19 has increased the level of anxiety in the society. Health problems, exam stress, economic problems, burnout… Are there number sequences for these too?

There is more than one sequence of numbers for each of these topics you mentioned, and even for some of them. which has been on our agenda for 1.5 years 2 number sequence to protect from coronavirus there is. Let me share them now: 4986489 and 548748978.

Again developed against the Coronavirus side effects of vaccines There are a lot of comments in the media about it. Grabovoi also published a sequence on this subject. 2487498. You can avoid the side effects of the vaccine by working with this number sequence. I’ve had my first over the past few weeks, and I’ve been practicing this number sequence for a few days straight away.

Also, maybe you got Corona, there are different number sequences to heal from this disease. In other words, there are sequences in this system, even on very detailed and specific topics.

Are number sequences used only for individual problems or topics? Can the sequence be studied for someone else?

You can use number sequences for yourself as well as for others. For this, it is appropriate to think about that person while reading the sequence, or to study the sequence by writing the sequence on the photograph of that person or focusing on the photograph. Or we must imagine that we are in the energy field of the person we are doing the work with.

How should we read the sequences, how should we study them? How long is it applied? For example, can we repeat it every day?

In number sequences, we have to read numbers one by one. Sequences can be read aloud or silently in our minds. If there is a space or a «-» sign in the sequence, a one-breath space (break) is left there. We should focus on the purpose for which we are reading the sequence and have a positive mental attitude towards the subject we are reading. That is, we must have a positive imagery in our minds for the situation we want to happen. For example, if we have a disease, we should imagine that we have recovered from that disease and that we are in our healthiest state. Sequences should be focused for a minimum of 30 seconds. Work can be done at any time of the day. We recommend that you study the sequences every day until your goal is met. There are also some exercises that increase the effect of sequences. I also talk about these exercises in the trainings.

What do you do in training seminars?

In all Grabovoi trainings, we first touch on the basic teachings of this science. We have trainings consisting of different modules in our system. In each module, we carry out studies that will contribute to the development of the participants in different subjects. For example, while we explain how to recover from diseases in the health module, we share methods and related number sequences that will increase abundance and fertility in one’s life in the successful business-finance module. “Concentration of consciousness and control methods of events” and “Control methods suitable for one’s perception with macro adaptation” trainings are among my favorite modules and are more interactive than others. In these trainings, I mention the number sequences very little, I mainly share the control methods that I just mentioned as a training enriched with video content.

Moreover, most importantly, in these trainings, you learn how to solve any problem we experience not with a single number sequence, but also by analyzing the reasons that will cause that result. So, for example, you are waiting for a promotion but you never get it. In addition to studying number sequences such as job, promotion, etc. for this goal, you may have a subconscious blockage related to money that prevents this promotion. Doing your work by clearing this blockage also contributes positively to reaching the result faster. So instead of working with a single number sequence, I say that you should knit your target with related number sequences.

One of the statements that caught my attention was this. “There is no disease, there is a deviation from the norm,” says Grigori Grabovoi. Do the sequences affect the physical body?

Yes, the energies that are disrupted at the level of chromosomes are normalized. In this system, a number sequence is available for all kinds of diseases. As you pointed out, Grabovoi defines diseases as “deviating from the norm” and healing as “returning to the norm”. It is possible to heal from diseases by working with control methods as well as number sequences. The goal is infinite health. According to Grabovoi, life does not have to be pain, illness, unhappiness.

So, how is it possible to clear the history? What exactly is meant by this expression? Is a cleansing done for negative transfers from family and ancestors?

According to Grabovoi, the past, present and future are successive moments between minus the infinite past and plus the infinite future in successive blocks. So we actually live in the Infinite Now. The time elapsed between two moments, that is, the time between blocks, is 1/17th of a second, or nanosecond. This means that such a small time actually does not exist between the past and the future, it is created in the moment. The mind constantly lives either in the past or in the future, oscillating between the two. For this reason, they either deal with the regrets, traumas, and negative experiences of the past, or they cannot get rid of the worries of the uncertainty of the future. The ideal is to live in the moment. According to this system, there is no past and future, there is now. There is a moment. There is no time other than the present. The thing called miracle is also hidden in the moment. According to Grabovoi, when we sit in An and do our work, we clean up both our past and our future. Thus, we do not experience the same events over and over in the future. It is possible to do this cleaning both by studying the related number sequences and by control methods for clearing the history.

What does this system say about positive thinking?

Of course, positive thinking is very important as we at Grabovoi attract the things we want to happen in our lives with the power of thought and various control methods. Only when we bring these wishes into our field of perception can we make them come true. In other words, if there is disease information in our field of perception, we do not expect to be healthy. By taking health information into our field of perception, we attract health into our lives. Or we can reach abundance with the knowledge of abundance. You can think of this situation for any subject. Whatever you think, you attract into your life. So even while thinking, we need to learn to skip non-norm information. We shouldn’t talk, tell, or focus.

Interview: Senem Tahmaz

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