Nothing compares to the loving arms of fathers |  Mother

Nothing compares to the loving arms of fathers | Mother

Fathers seen as powerful, grand, authoritarian; they took poses that made us tremble with their newborn babies, which they took in their hands with fear, hidden with love, and put to sleep on their chests. All we have to do is compile these photos…

Despite seeming so strong, fathers are afraid at first to hold their newborn babies for fear of getting hurt.

They don’t matter, but they play an important role in your child’s growth.

Whoever it is, no matter what, if they have a baby at home, they will eagerly desire to come home to see their child.

Paul McCartney and his daughter Mary, 1970

They envelop and calm


Generally, men who are attracted by their irresponsibility take great responsibility when they become fathers.

© Sasha Ogoleva

They tell stories before going to sleep, they even act out, they become a child with a child.

© mistybliss

They sleep peacefully when their babies are safe.


Nothing is more important than the happiness of their children.


The time they spend with the child is really quality. They contribute to the muscle development of your children.


Love your fathers wholeheartedly as they love you, love them as they embrace and cherish you. It’s worth it…

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