Non-tribal children |  Life

Non-tribal children | Life

From the previous post, I want to continue our tribalism. There I surrendered to the voices swirling in me about all aspects of the matter; Today, I want to say two words about a special part of it: accompanying growing children.

This is such a sensitive and subtle subject that I even thought about the verb I was going to use a few times. It feels like there is a disability in concepts such as raising a child, raising a child, and having children. Making a child is a pattern, he’s totally weird … :))

I have no children, except for momentary impulses I never intended it (for now). So it is extremely doubtful that I am the right person to throw at it. However, in recent years and especially recently, I realize that this issue has entered my radar more and more. My close friends give birth to pits and I have observed and noticed their difficulties closely, if not first hand; Also, for some reason, I lost my attention to the relationships between mother-father-child in the street, uncle-child in the market, and sister-child relationships passing by, and I noticed a lot of injuries in these relationships; In the movies I have watched, I know they are fictional, but I have fully realized how the attitudes towards children, sometimes a tiny word, affect their lives, and on top of all this, last week, I was the first time in a wonderful camp where my close friends performed and children and parents were together. I became a part of it and had a chance to make new observations. In short, this subject, which did not attract my attention until recently, somehow catches my eye everywhere, and although I have not experienced and experienced this process myself, I am calling to bring together the burning things about it.

The subject that has captured my attention, attention and excitement for a long time is living in a tribe. I am not talking about going back to the past and pushing away everything that the modern world has to offer, but to establish living spaces where we use all these possibilities in brand new ways, but in a much more sensitive way. To build lifetimes in which we cooperate, produce together, sleep and wake up with joy and pleasure, start the day with enthusiasm and enthusiasm and end with gratitude, learn to meet our basic needs again …

And although it’s not on my personal agenda, I can’t help but think about the magnificent effects this will have on children’s growth. School-home-courses etc. by moving from one box to another. children living in nature, who will find a chance to deepen and rooting in a certain place, will enjoy life, how beautifully they can live their nature, understand all processes of nature by quickly internalizing them, and we will probably be exposed to much more pollution than them. I think they will teach you their magic.

When I look at today’s processes, I shudder. I wrote briefly in the last article: “It takes a village for a child to grow up.” they say. We are talking about a formation that is formed from scratch and is formed from scratch, which comes to this world as empty, mentally, if not spiritually, and it does not seem very possible to me that any one or two or three people can take a healthy space – with some exceptions. It seems as if the child needs learning from many people, not only from his parents, if he is lucky, not from his grandparents. Each of us has a variety of gifts that we bring to life, and none of us have them all. The mere existence and existence of some of us is a gift and good income, some of us approach events and situations; While some of us cook very well, some of us are more likely to work in the garden; While some of us are eager to make music, some of us use wooden equipment-houses, etc. The child will get to know the world in a correct and accurate way the more he / she contacts with the bearers of the many gifts that I cannot count here.

Not only relationships with adults but of course, having many children in their environment will make a great contribution to the process. They will play with pleasure, learn life while playing, and adults’ work will be much easier …

And at least as importantly, as I mentioned above, being in nature, learning from it, observing processes, and communicating with living and non-living beings will provide very valuable contributions to the growth and learning process of the child.


In today’s world, almost none of this writing is accessible to the majority. Most of the people now live in flats and without knowing their neighbors, the streets are not safe to play, children are mostly at home or in schools, courses and other channels, mostly indoors. A very large percentage of us raise their children on the head of two or even more difficult one (1 in number). It is not enough, these people are trying to fulfill their responsibilities to work and earn money while dealing with such a big and the most important job in the world. My good friends, who recently brought children to the world, usually live in the countryside, and both mom and dad have the “luxury” of 24-hour care. Despite this, I see that they are so worn out and struggling; In this case, I really cannot imagine how single parents who were in the city and struggling with this process alone and working on it were able to achieve this and I respect them very much.

I have difficulty in hearing how quickly the situation in the previous paragraph became “normal”. I wonder how we were convinced that it should be, how we accepted that this big, challenging – and, of course, so joyous and gifted – process had burdened on two, or maybe four, shoulders.

I have neither pedagogical education nor raised a child nor have any other experience in this field. But I don’t think they are needed to be aware of all this. Some things seem so obvious and clear to me that I couldn’t help but keep throwing myself in on these waters that I don’t know much about.

The main reason I dare to do this is that I know firsthand that all the sentences spoken in the context of children above are also valid for adults. I know that I need everything I write first, and that such an environment is necessary for myself first. I can generalize them as I see that everyone I have spoken to and dreamed about on these issues constantly voices the same needs and dreams. And as we see those of us who try to be purified after all this pollution and regain purity, it is not difficult to assume that we can raise our children who are not so contaminated yet in healthier environments and become much happier people.

Of course, a column for any title on this topic is too narrow. Hundreds of pages of books can and are written on all these. There is no doubt that I did not go into details and could not give some points, knowingly or unknowingly. But the essence of the matter is very plain and simple for me: Wouldn’t it be nice if we rebuild our tribes!

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